Tsuru Aoki

as Herself in the movie Screen Snapshots, Series 1, No. 6

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Was born at 9 September 1892 in Tokyo, Japan . Died at 18 October 1961, Tokyo, Japan (acute peritonitis)
There is some small facts about Tsuru Aoki:
  • Screen and stage actress.
  • Japanese star of American silent films, one of the first Asian leading ladies in Hollywood. Initially signed by Thomas Ince, she frequently acted opposite Sessue Hayakawa, who became her husband in 1914.
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There is the list of movies, where Tsuru Aoki was taked part:
1 Screen Snapshots, Series 1, No. 6 movie Screen Snapshots, Series 1, No. 6 1920 as Herself
2 The Call of the East movie The Call of the East 1917 as O'Mitsu, His Sister
3 A Heart in Pawn movie A Heart in Pawn 1919 as Sada
4 A Relic of Old Japan movie A Relic of Old Japan 1914 as Katuma
5 A Tokyo Siren movie A Tokyo Siren 1920 as Asuti Hishuri
6 A Tragedy of the Orient movie A Tragedy of the Orient 1914 as Kissmoia
7 Alien Souls movie Alien Souls 1916 as Yuri Chan
8 Black Roses movie Black Roses 1921 as Blossom
9 Bonds of Honor movie Bonds of Honor 1919 as Toku-ko
10 Desert Thieves movie Desert Thieves 1914 as Owanono
11 Each to His Kind movie Each to His Kind 1917 as Princess Nada
12 Five Days to Live movie Five Days to Live 1922 as Ko Ai
13 Hell to Eternity movie Hell to Eternity 1960 as Mother Une
14 His Birthright movie His Birthright 1918 as Saki San
15 La bataille movie La bataille 1923 as La Marquise Yorisaka
16 Locked Lips movie Locked Lips 1920 as Lotus Blossom
17 Loves Sacrifice movie Loves Sacrifice 1914 as Little Faun
18 Mother of the Shadows movie Mother of the Shadows 1914 as Laughing Moon
19 Night Life in Hollywood movie Night Life in Hollywood 1922 as Herself
20 Nipped movie Nipped 1914 as San Toy Nakado
21 O Mimi San movie O Mimi San 1914 as O Mimi San
22 Screen Snapshots, Series 2, No. 14-F movie Screen Snapshots, Series 2, No. 14-F 1921 as Herself
23 Sen Yans Devotion movie Sen Yans Devotion 1924 as Sen Yan's Wife
24 Star of the North movie Star of the North 1914 as Star of the North
25 The Beckoning Flame movie The Beckoning Flame 1915 as Janira
26 The Bravest Way movie The Bravest Way 1918 as Sat-u
27 The Breath of the Gods movie The Breath of the Gods 1920 as Yuki Onda
28 The Chinatown Mystery movie The Chinatown Mystery 1915 as Woo
29 The Courageous Coward movie The Courageous Coward 1919 as Rei Oaki
30 The Courtship of O San movie The Courtship of O San 1914 as O San
31 The Curse of Caste movie The Curse of Caste 1914 as Kissmoia
32 The Curse of Iku movie The Curse of Iku 1918 as Omi San
33 The Danger Line movie The Danger Line 1924 as Marquise Yorisaka
34 The Death Mask movie The Death Mask 1914 as Princess Nona
35 The Dragon Painter movie The Dragon Painter 1919 as Ume-Ko
36 The Famine movie The Famine 1915 as Misao
37 The Geisha movie The Geisha 1914 as Myo
38 The Gray Horizon movie The Gray Horizon 1919 as O Haru San
39 The Great Prince Shan movie The Great Prince Shan 1924 as Nita
40 The Honorable Friend movie The Honorable Friend 1916 as Toki-Ye
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