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as Darlene Jakes in the movie Fetish Dolls Die Laughing

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Also known as Tiff
Was born at 25 October 1980 (now is 38 years old) in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, USA

Tiffany Apan is a singer/musician/songwriter/actress/dancer/model/writerfrom the United States. She recieved her earliest musical influences from her grandparents whotaught her such instruments as the guitar, accordian, organ, andviolin. She also took up classical piano at age 9 and began takingdance lessons (ballet, tap, jazz) from Gene Kelly's niece, Kathy Burke. At age 12, she began taking theater (acting and singing/voice) classesand began acting in productions such as "The Crucible" (in the role ofBetty Parris) and Mozart's famous opera, "The Magic Flute" (as theThird Spirit) in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Later on, she would go on to createthe role of one of two Free Style Jazz Singers in the world premiere ofMarta Effinger's "Whispers Want to Holler" at the Kuntu RepretoryTheatre in Pittsburgh, PA. It was also is this production that she wascoached vocally by world renounced jazz musician, Billy Harper (who hadalso written the music score for the production). Other theater creditswould afterward include Brenda in "Lovers and Other Strangers", Hodelin "Fiddler on the Roof" and Charlotte in "Falsettos. " She also hasaquired roles in independent films such as Janet in "Meat for Satan'sIcebox" (distributed by Troma Entertainment), Jessica Peters in"Slashers Gone Wild", Christina in "Heavy Mental", Kara in "The Girl",and Rosemary in "Resolution: A Portrait of Amelia Earhart. "As a musician and singer, Tiffany has released two EPs (2007's "GhostEP" and "Porcelain Doll EP"), a critically acclaimed full length album(2008's "Poet"), three singles (2010's "Lost Little Girl (Acapellaversion)" and "Greensleeves", and 2011's "Three Pale Queens (AcousticLive Version)"), and she is getting ready to release a new EP titled"Heart Song: The Living Room Sessions EP" which is spun off of herwell-recieved Living Room Sessions on her YouTube Channel.

Tiffany wasalso a finalist in 2009's Best New Song in the World Contest with hersingle, "Lost Little Girl (Acapella Version)" and in 2010, she waspresented the first place award for her "Scarborough Fair" music videoat the 2010 Indie Gathering in Cleveland, OH. She has also had hersongs appear on several compilations and has been licensed for filmsoundtracks including "The Girl. " She is also working on her follow upfull length album to "Poet" titled "Elements" and a poetry book titled"Thick Jagged Scars" which will also come with a music single. In 2008, she and partner, Jason English founded the independentproduction company and label, Poets Labyrinth Productions where theyrelease all of their projects. .

There is some small facts about Tiffany Apan:
  • Is the oldest of 4 children.
  • Although they played mother and daughter in Meat For Satan's Ice Box, Tiffany and co-star, Crystal Aura, are only two weeks apart in age.
  • Met current boyfriend, composer and musician Jason English, on the set of Meat For Satan's Ice Box.
  • Has a 'no nudity' policy when she acts in films.
  • Is a classically trained dancer and singer.
  • Was sickly as a toddler and nearly died at age 2.
  • Comes from a musical family on both sides: on her mother's side, her grandparents were prominent members of a touring country/bluegrass band in the late 1950s and early 1960s before settling down to raise her mom and uncle. Her grandfather worked as a radio disc jockey and taught guitar and her grandma gave accordion lessons. On her father's side, her great aunt Betty Jo Brown, a high profile model during WWII and the 1950s, was married to famed Big Band drummer Buddy Rich making him her great uncle.
  • Can easily sing songs written for a soprano even though her range is considered mezzo-soprano.
  • Her favorite writer is Rod Serling.
  • Vocal range: tenor, alto, soprano.
  • Is trained in 8 different types of dance: Classical ballet, tap, jazz, modern, lyrical, hip hop, middle eastern (belly), and African tribal.
  • Studied dance for 6 years with Gene Kelly's niece, Kathy Burke.
  • (January 2008) Founded Poets Labyrinth Productions with boyfriend and music composer, Jason English.
  • (February 2009) On the 2009 Tour in support of her 2008 debut album "Poet."
  • (July 2010) Working on follow up album to Poet titled Elements with producer, Rowen Poole of progressive rock greats, Persephone's Dream.
  • (December 2007) Finishing production on her debut album, "Poet."
  • (February 2009) Beginning production on her second studio album, the following up to her 2008 album release, "Poet."
  • (July 2010) Songs "Warrior" and Whispers" off of POET selected for the film soundtrack for the feature 'The Girl' which stars Lisa Neeld, Debbie Rochon, Scott Cummings, and Robert Z'Dar. Tiffany also plays the role of Kara in this film.
  • (December 2007) Preparing for her 2008 concert tour.
  • (December 2008) Beginning work on a music video DVD featuring songs from debut album "Poet" and behind the scenes footage.
  • (January 2011) Working on a poetry book project titled "Thick Jagged Scars"
  • (February 2011) Rehearsing the role of Sally in the stage musical "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown."
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There is the list of movies, where Tiffany Apan was taked part:
1 Fetish Dolls Die Laughing movie Fetish Dolls Die Laughing 2012 as Darlene Jakes
2 Into the Pit: The Shocking Story of movie Into the Pit: The Shocking Story of 2009 as Herself
3 Meat for Satans Icebox movie Meat for Satans Icebox 2004 as Janet Cavatelli
4 Check Mate movie Check Mate 2016 as Secretary
5 Cyclical Effect movie Cyclical Effect 2012 as Anna - Viral #22
6 Doll Nazis Must Die movie Doll Nazis Must Die 2011 as Wanda
7 Driving Nowhere movie Driving Nowhere 2016 as Julia
8 Fear movie Fear 2002 as Girl in Woods
9 Heavy Mental: A Rock-n-Roll Blood Bath movie Heavy Mental: A Rock-n-Roll Blood Bath 2009 as Christina Apanovitch
10 Midnight Massacre movie Midnight Massacre 2016 as Porcia
11 Resolution: A Portrait of Amelia Earhart movie Resolution: A Portrait of Amelia Earhart 2012 as Rosemary/Narrator
12 Slashers Gone Wild! movie Slashers Gone Wild! 2006 as Jessica Peters
13 The Downfall of Mr. Difford movie The Downfall of Mr. Difford 2015 as Jane
14 The Girl movie The Girl 2011 as Kara
15 The Reel Show with Kristina Michelle movie The Reel Show with Kristina Michelle 2011 as Herself
There is the list of some articles of Tiffany Apan:
  • "Fireworks The Melodic Rock Magazine" (UK), 1 November 2008, Vol. 2, Iss. 34, pg. 86, by: Nicky Baldrian, "Catz n Clawz"
There is the list of some printed articles of Apan, Tiffany:
  • "Crawling Tunes Magazine" (Germany), 25 November 2007, Vol. 1, Iss. 3, pg. 2, by: Tiffany Apan, "Goth: how it has influenced my music and life"
There is the list of some quotes of Tiffany Apan:
  • I would call myself somewhat of a bookworm and my library card gets a lot of use.
  • (commenting on actress, Bea Arthur's death) Bea Arthur was one of my first influences in entertainment growing up. I remember watching her in the role of Dorothy Zbornak in the Golden Girls with my grandparents as a kid and then still enjoying the show as I got older. I also discovered her other work in shows like 'Maude' and her stage work as both a singer and actress...she shone whether she was in a dramatic or comedic scene. She had a multi-faceted career that many entertainers only dream of having. If I can accomplish even just a little of what she accomplished as an entertainer, I'll be a very happy woman.
  • (on Michael Jackson via her myspace blog, June 25 2009) I remember being 3 years old and always getting excited when he would appear on television. He was an amazing lyricist and composer; his extreme attention to detail and production in his stage shows and music videos impacted me tremendously in what I do now in my own videos and shows. His genius and creativity will live on forever. He battled many inner demons and I hope and pray that he has found peace now.
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