Sofia Aparício

as Margarida Gautier in the movie A Dama das Camélias

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Was born at 2 June 1970 (now is 48 years old) in Viana do Castelo, Portugal
There is some small facts about Sofia Aparício:
  • Model since she was 13-years-old, she kept on working professionally, and won the titles Miss Wonderland and, in 1990, she was Look of the Year.
  • Her television debut, before 1996, was also in a program about fashion models, 86-60-86.
Also look some video clip about Sofia Aparício:
There is the list of movies, where Sofia Aparício was taked part:
1 A Dama das Camélias movie A Dama das Camélias 1997 as Margarida Gautier
2 Gala do 15º aniversário da TVI movie Gala do 15º aniversário da TVI 2008 as Guida (segments "Ninguem Como Tu")
3 Canções da Nossa Vida movie Canções da Nossa Vida 1998 as Herself (1998)
4 Dança Comigo movie Dança Comigo 2006 as Herself - Jury Member
5 Maternidade movie Maternidade 2011 as Empregada do Supermercado
6 A Filha movie A Filha 2003 as Presenter
7 Cambraia movie Cambraia 2011 as Matilde
8 Contrato movie Contrato 2009 as Mónica Thanatos
9 E o Tempo Passa movie E o Tempo Passa 2011 as Teresa Gaivão
10 Elite Model Look movie Elite Model Look 1996 as Herself - Host
11 Gala 5º Aniversário SIC movie Gala 5º Aniversário SIC 1997 as Herself
12 Globos de Ouro 1995 movie Globos de Ouro 1995 1996 as Herself
13 Globos de Ouro 1996 movie Globos de Ouro 1996 1997 as Herself
14 Globos de Ouro 1997 movie Globos de Ouro 1997 1998 as Herself
15 Globos de Ouro 2001 movie Globos de Ouro 2001 2002 as Herself
16 Globos de Ouro 2003 movie Globos de Ouro 2003 2004 as Herself
17 Globos de Ouro 2004 movie Globos de Ouro 2004 2005 as Herself
18 Globos de Ouro 2006 movie Globos de Ouro 2006 2007 as Herself
19 Globos de Ouro 2007 movie Globos de Ouro 2007 2008 as Herself
20 Globos de Ouro 2008 movie Globos de Ouro 2008 2009 as Herself
21 Ill See You in My Dreams movie Ill See You in My Dreams 2003 as Ana the Wife of Lúcio
22 Mal movie Mal 1999 as TV Star
23 Mistérios de Lisboa movie Mistérios de Lisboa 2010 as Condessa de Penacova
24 O Que as Mulheres Querem movie O Que as Mulheres Querem 2012 as Patrícia
25 Rádio Relâmpago movie Rádio Relâmpago 2003 as Mariana Saavedra
26 5 Para a Meia Noite movie 5 Para a Meia Noite 2009 as Herself
27 86-60-86 movie 86-60-86 1994 as Herself - Host
28 A Impostora movie A Impostora 2016 as Adelaide Pires
29 A Mulher do Sr. Ministro movie A Mulher do Sr. Ministro 1994 as Herself
30 Agora Nós movie Agora Nós 2014 as Herself
31 Aqui Não Há Quem Viva movie Aqui Não Há Quem Viva 2006 as Bia
32 Caia Quem Caia movie Caia Quem Caia 2008 as Herself
33 Caras Notícias movie Caras Notícias 2001 as Herself
34 Cidade Despida movie Cidade Despida 2010 as Vanda Dinis
35 Contacto movie Contacto 2006 as Herself
36 Cuidado com a Língua movie Cuidado com a Língua 2006 as Herself
37 E.T. - Entretenimento Total movie E.T. - Entretenimento Total 1991 as Herself - Model (1991)
38 Episódio Especial movie Episódio Especial 2008 as Herself
39 Fama Show movie Fama Show 2008 as Herself
40 Fúria de Viver movie Fúria de Viver 2002 as Cristina
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