Mary Apick

as Villager's wife in the movie Asrar ganj dareheye jenni

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Was born at 1954 (now is -0 years old) in Tehran, Iran

Mary began her acting career as a child star in Iran. One of herearliest successes was Octopus, a long running television show whereMary performed in political and satirical skits that helped change andliberalize the society. Going on to star in countless television shows,feature films and plays, Mary became one of the most popular stars inIran. She was the first actress in the Iranian Motion Picture historyto win the Moscow International Film Festival Best Actress Award forher performance in Dead End, written and directed by Parviz Sayyad.

The Iranian revolution forced Mary to flee the country and find her newhome in the United States. Here in America Mary starred in twocritically acclaimed films, The Mission and Checkpoint. She also playedfeatured roles in productions such as the NBC miniseries On Wings ofEagles and produced the MGM release, Mind Games. While working with herpartner, Bob Yari, on the Academy Award winning film Crash, Maryexpanded her involvement in socially significant projects. Shecontinued her work with Mr.

Sayyad in the famous play (KHAR) The Ass tohave more than 400 productions of the play in different cities Globallythru the years. Among many awards she recently received the prestigious ARPAInternational Film Festival Foundation Award for her Humanitarianefforts using the theater to mirror the true voices and the stories ofthe women of the Middle East. Theater has always been Mary's greatestpassion. In 2005, she wrote, directed and produced the politicallycharged Critic's Choice play Beneath The Veil which was presented inmany prestigious venues such as Lincoln and Kennedy Center and Geffenplayhouse. Mary has also created many projects for children, including A Fairy TaleIn The Forest and Jewel of The Night, which gives the children ofIranian expatriates a bio lingual fairy tale show and an opportunity tolearn about their parents' culture and homeland.

Throughout her adult life, Mary has remained fiercely committed toimproving the lives of women and children, especially in the MiddleEast. Through her work as an advocate for clearing land mines andreducing their use, and appearing as a spokesperson before the U. S. Congress and in all media, Mary remains vigilant and vocal in thepursuit of all freedoms. Check out the acclaimed book "The Green Card Stories", that featuredMary Apick.

The book which won the "Best of Photojournalism Award 2012"which was presented by Mary to President Obama at the White house. Thisyear she guest starred with Clair Danes in reoccurring role in theaward winning Show Time television series "Homeland. ".

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There is the list of movies, where Mary Apick was taked part:
1 Asrar ganj dareheye jenni 1974 as Villager's wife
2 Gohar-e shab cheragh movie Gohar-e shab cheragh 1998 as Andora - Black Fairy/Pari - Good Fairy
3 ADHDtv: With Lew Marklin movie ADHDtv: With Lew Marklin 2007 as Herself - Guest
4 12 Angry Men and Women movie 12 Angry Men and Women 2016 as Juror #11
5 1979 Revolution movie 1979 Revolution 2016 as Shirin - Mother
6 Checkpoint movie Checkpoint 1987 as Firouzeh
7 Dash akol movie Dash akol 1971 as Marjan
8 Ferestadeh movie Ferestadeh 1983 as Maliheh
9 I Am Neda movie I Am Neda 2012 as Hajar Rostami
10 Madaran movie Madaran 2015 as Farnaz
11 Monday Nights at Seven movie Monday Nights at Seven 2016 as Beverly
12 Parviz Kardan movie Parviz Kardan 2012 as Herself
13 Price for Freedom movie Price for Freedom 2015 as Sarah Daniels
14 Straw Dolls movie Straw Dolls 2015 as Lucine
15 The REAL Shahs of Beverly Hills movie The REAL Shahs of Beverly Hills 2015 as Herself
16 The Right Stuff movie The Right Stuff 1983 as Woman Reporter
17 Homeland movie Homeland 2011 as Fariba Javadi
18 On Wings of Eagles movie On Wings of Eagles 1986 as Mrs. Nourbash
19 Samiras Show movie Samiras Show 2013 as Herself - Guest
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