Inge Appelt

as Davorova susjeda in the movie Crna kronika ili dan zena

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Was born at 1 January 1943 (now is 76 years old) in Osijek, Croatia, Yugoslavia

Inge Apelt was born to the family of Rudolf Appelt, electric applicationstore owner in Osijek. During her childhood she was often taken to thetheatre by her schoolteacher mother. There she fell in love with opera,but, lacking the talent for singing, decided to pursue career in drama. In 1961 she enrolled in Drama Academy in Zagreb and later got smallpart in a TV show.

A Bohemian and unhealthy lifestyle in Zagreb broughther tuberculosis and she had to quit the Academy until her recovery. She finally finished the Academy in 1966 and later got permanent job inGavella Theatre in Zagreb. Inge Appelt was briefly married, and has twosons. .

There is some small facts about Inge Appelt:
  • Ranked #13 in Croatian-based monthly film magazine "Hollywood" in «Best Croatian Female Movie Stars of All Time» list. (November 2005)
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There is the list of movies, where Inge Appelt was taked part:
1 Crna kronika ili dan zena movie Crna kronika ili dan zena 2000 as Davorova susjeda
2 Ljubav i poneka psovka movie Ljubav i poneka psovka 1969 as Ane, Matina zena
3 Zagrebacke price vol. 2 movie Zagrebacke price vol. 2 2012 as (segment "Mucica")
4 100 minuta slave movie 100 minuta slave 2004 as Suputnica
5 Ambasador movie Ambasador 1984 as Ana
6 Andjele moj dragi movie Andjele moj dragi 1996 as Gardistova majka
7 Ante se vraca kuci movie Ante se vraca kuci 2001 as Gospodja #1
8 Bella Biondina movie Bella Biondina 2011 as Tereza
9 Covjek ispod stola movie Covjek ispod stola 2009 as Anka Fofonjka
10 Cvjetni trg movie Cvjetni trg 2012 as Mackova majka
11 Diploma za smrt movie Diploma za smrt 1989 as Vlastina mama
12 Doktor ludosti movie Doktor ludosti 2003 as Cistacica
13 Druzba Pere Kvrzice movie Druzba Pere Kvrzice 1970 as Perova majka
14 Duga mracna noc movie Duga mracna noc 2004 as Bartolova majka
15 Duh babe Ilonke movie Duh babe Ilonke 2011 as Ursula
16 Fine mrtve djevojke movie Fine mrtve djevojke 2002 as Olga
17 Holding movie Holding 2001 as Voditeljica Zbora
18 Igra i zbilja movie Igra i zbilja 1990 as Montazerka
19 Kako prezivjeti do prvog movie Kako prezivjeti do prvog 1986 as Gospodja iz oglasa
20 Leo i Brigita movie Leo i Brigita 1989 as Zlatkova udovica
21 Luda kuca movie Luda kuca 1980 as Pavica Bezjak
22 Marsal movie Marsal 1999 as Mare
23 Medeni mjesec movie Medeni mjesec 1983 as Gospdja koja kupuje haljinu za kcer
24 Mrtvi kutovi movie Mrtvi kutovi 2005 as Prolaznica
25 Ne naginji se van movie Ne naginji se van 1977 as Luce
26 Nebo sateliti movie Nebo sateliti 2000 as Doktorica
27 Niciji sin movie Niciji sin 2008 as Simova sestra
28 Nije kraj movie Nije kraj 2008 as Marija/Zaklina
29 Novogodisnja pljacka movie Novogodisnja pljacka 1997 as Nama cashier
30 Pod vedrim nebom movie Pod vedrim nebom 2005 as Martinova majka
31 Prepoznavanje movie Prepoznavanje 1996 as Milka
32 Pusti me da spavam movie Pusti me da spavam 2007 as Susjeda
33 Razbijena vaza movie Razbijena vaza 1990 as Majka
34 Rusko meso movie Rusko meso 1997 as Lili
35 Snivaj, zlato moje movie Snivaj, zlato moje 2005 as Zena iz kvarta
36 Stela movie Stela 1990 as Anina majka
37 Svecenikova djeca movie Svecenikova djeca 2013 as Strina
38 The Liberation of Skopje movie The Liberation of Skopje 1981 as Lence
39 Tomo Bakran movie Tomo Bakran 1978 as Casna sestra
40 Transylvania 6-5000 movie Transylvania 6-5000 1985 as Madame Morovia
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