Bec Applebee

as Becky Roberts (Wrong Becky) in the movie Bitter Sweet

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There is some small facts about Bec Applebee:
  • Performer with the worldwide acclaimed Cornish group, Kneehigh Theatre. Kneehigh have performed their productions all over the world to much critical acclaim and have been nominated for several international awards.
Also look some video clip about Bec Applebee:
There is the list of movies, where Bec Applebee was taked part:
1 Bitter Sweet movie Bitter Sweet 2002 as Becky Roberts (Wrong Becky)
2 Hwerow Hweg movie Hwerow Hweg 2002 as Becky Roberts (Wrong Becky)
3 Down to Earth movie Down to Earth 2000 as Mrs. Moore
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