Livian Aragão

as Belinha in the movie Didi, o Caçador de Tesouros

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Real name is Lívian Taranto Aragão
Was born at 24 February 1999 (now is 20 years old) in Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

At the age of 15, Lívian Aragão is already one of the Brazilian wellknown names on television. Since an early age, Lívian has been incontact with the world of Art. Today, after having played many roles inmovies and TV shows, she is sure she wants to follow an artisticcareer. To do so, she has been preparing herself and studying a lot.

She participates in her British School theater department; she attendsdancing and singing classes three times a week, and improves herperforming skills at Oficina de Interpretação - Renato Aragão Produções/ Patrícia Carvalho. To enhance her career, Lívian studied in two ofthe major "Art" Schools in the United States: Stagedoor Manor, NYC, andNYFA - New York Film Academy, LA. In 2012, she went to StagedoorPerforming Camp in New York, and in 2014, she attended a "4 Week ActingFor Film" course at New York Film Academy, in Los Angeles, both in theUnited States. Her first appearance on screen was in 1999 when she waseight months old, in the feature film "O Trapalhão a Luz Azul",starring Rodrigo Santoro, Renato Aragão, Adriana Esteves and manyothers. Since then has been involved in other adventures.

In 2013,Lívian had her first role in a Brazilian soap opera "Flor do Caribe",as Marizé, produced by the Brazilian major TV network, Globo TV. Alsoon Globo TV, after many guest appearances on "A Turma do Didi" shestarred two TV projects: "O Segredo da Princesa Lili" (2007) a specialtelefilme, and the three seasons of the miniseries "Acampamento deFérias" (2009), "Acampamento de Férias 2 - A Árvore da Vida" (2011) and"Acampamento de Férias 3 - O Mistério da Ilha do Corsário" (2012). Lívian shared with Renato Aragão the responsibility of leading twofeature films: "O Cavaleiro Didi e a Princesa Lili" (2006) and "OGuerreiro e a Ninja Lili" (2008), after being special guest in othersas "O Cupido Trapalhão" (2003), "Didi quer ser Criança" (2005), "Didi,o Caçador de Tesouros" (2006). Her theater debut was in 2004 when shestarred in the play "Bem-me-quer, Mal-me-quer". In The British Schoolof Rio de Janeiro, she participated in "Bugsy Malone", by Allan Park,as Tilly.

In 2012, she took part in a Stagedoor Manor play "The Women",by Clare Boothe Luce, as Countess de Lage. .

There is some small facts about Livian Aragão:
  • Daughter of 'Renato Aragão'
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There is the list of movies, where Livian Aragão was taked part:
1 Didi, o Caçador de Tesouros movie Didi, o Caçador de Tesouros 2006 as Belinha
2 O Guerreiro Didi e a Ninja Lili movie O Guerreiro Didi e a Ninja Lili 2008 as Lili
3 A Princesa e o Vagabundo movie A Princesa e o Vagabundo 2010 as Lili
4 Criança Esperança 2012 movie Criança Esperança 2012 2012 as Herself - Guest
5 Didi Quer Ser Criança movie Didi Quer Ser Criança 2004 as Candy Girl
6 Didi, o Cupido Trapalhão movie Didi, o Cupido Trapalhão 2003 as Anjo da Guarda
7 O Cavaleiro Didi e a Princesa Lili movie O Cavaleiro Didi e a Princesa Lili 2006 as Princesa Lili
8 O Segredo da Princesa Lili movie O Segredo da Princesa Lili 2007 as Lili
9 Uma Noite no Castelo movie Uma Noite no Castelo 2009 as Lili
10 Via Sacra do Jovem Solidário movie Via Sacra do Jovem Solidário 2013 as Herself - Intérprete
11 Acampamento de Férias 3 movie Acampamento de Férias 3 2012 as Lili
12 Divertics movie Divertics 2013 as Herself
13 Fantástico movie Fantástico 1973 as Herself
14 Flor do Caribe movie Flor do Caribe 2013 as Marizé
15 Malhação: Seu Lugar no Mundo movie Malhação: Seu Lugar no Mundo 2015 as Julia (2015-2016)
There is the list of interview of Livian Aragão:
  • "Melrose Heights Magazine" (USA), 17 April 2014, Iss. 33, pg. 2, by: Curtis Williams, "A New Talent From Brazil"
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