Taís Araújo

as Herself/Penha in the movie Criança Esperança 2012

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Real name is Taís Bianca Gama de Araújo
Was born at 25 November 1978 (now is 39 years old) in Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
There is some small facts about Taís Araújo:
  • She was just 17 when she started to play "Xica da Silva" (1996) on TV. A scene in which she bathed nude in a river was aired the day she turned 18, because of the censorship.
  • In 2004, as Preta in "Da Cor do Pecado" (2004) , she became the first black actress to lead a soap opera cast in Brazil.
  • As a teen, in the early 90s, she worked with Reynaldo Giannechini many years before they co-starred in the soap "Da Cor do Pecado". Then, both were models and did photos and commercials together.
  • Daughter of Mercedes Araújo and Ademir Araújo.
  • Has an older sister named Cláudia Araújo, doctor.
  • Has twins nephews (Cláudia's sons) named Lucas and João Pedro.
  • Gave birth to her first child, a boy named João Vicente, on June 18th 2011 in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Second child, a girl named Maria Antônia, was born on January 23, 2015 in Rio de Janeiro. Father is 'Lázaro Ramos' .
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There is the list of movies, where Taís Araújo was taked part:
1 Criança Esperança 2012 movie Criança Esperança 2012 2012 as Herself/Penha
2 Encontro com Fátima Bernardes movie Encontro com Fátima Bernardes 2012 as Herself
3 Superbonita movie Superbonita 2000 as Herself - Host (2006-2009)
4 A Guerra dos Rocha movie A Guerra dos Rocha 2008 as Carol
5 Caminho dos Sonhos movie Caminho dos Sonhos 1998 as Ana Cavalcante
6 Cheias de Charme: O Filme movie Cheias de Charme: O Filme 2016 as Penha
7 Filhas do Vento movie Filhas do Vento 2004 as Young Maria Aparecida (Cida)
8 Garrincha - Estrela Solitária movie Garrincha - Estrela Solitária 2003 as Elza Soares
9 Globos de Ouro 2009 movie Globos de Ouro 2009 2010 as Herself
10 Nosso Brilho movie Nosso Brilho 2012 as Penha
11 Nzinga movie Nzinga 2007 as Ana/Nzinga
12 O Maior Amor do Mundo movie O Maior Amor do Mundo 2006 as Luciana
13 Os Grandes Sucessos Musicais da Novela Cheias de Charme movie Os Grandes Sucessos Musicais da Novela Cheias de Charme 2012 as Penha
14 Romancing Brazil movie Romancing Brazil 2015 as Ana Cavalcante
15 vem_aí movie vem_aí 2013 as Herself - Audience
16 Vida de Empreguete movie Vida de Empreguete 2012 as Penha
17 Vida de Patroete movie Vida de Patroete 2012 as Penha
18 A Favorita movie A Favorita 2008 as Alícia Rosa
19 A Grande Família movie A Grande Família 2001 as Maria da Graça
20 América movie América 2005 as Nossa Senhora Aparecida
21 Anjo Mau movie Anjo Mau 1997 as Vivian dos Santos Machado
22 Brava Gente movie Brava Gente 2000 as Beatriz
23 Casos e Acasos movie Casos e Acasos 2007 as Gabriela
24 Cheias de Charme movie Cheias de Charme 2012 as Maria da Penha Fragoso Barbosa
25 Cobras & Lagartos movie Cobras & Lagartos 2006 as Ellen
26 Da Cor do Pecado movie Da Cor do Pecado 2004 as Preta
27 De pe a pa movie De pe a pa 1996 as Herself - Guest
28 Domingão do Faustão movie Domingão do Faustão 1989 as Michele Brau
29 Episódio Especial movie Episódio Especial 2008 as Herself
30 Esquenta! movie Esquenta! 2011 as Herself
31 Fantástico movie Fantástico 1973 as Herself
32 Geração Brasil movie Geração Brasil 2014 as Verônica Monteiro
33 La vida es una lotería movie La vida es una lotería 2002 as Mónica
34 Mais Você movie Mais Você 1999 as Herself/Penha/Ellen
35 Meu Bem-Querer movie Meu Bem-Querer 1998 as Edivânia
36 Mister Brau movie Mister Brau 2015 as Michele Brau
37 O Dentista Mascarado movie O Dentista Mascarado 2013 as Sheila
38 O Quinto dos Infernos movie O Quinto dos Infernos 2002 as Dandara
39 Porto dos Milagres movie Porto dos Milagres 2001 as Selminha
40 Programa do Jô movie Programa do Jô 2000 as Herself
There is the list of interview of Taís Araújo:
  • "Raça Brasil" (Brazil), July 2000, ""Linda, talentosa e revolucionária""
The image of Taís Bianca Gama de Araújo was on the covers of these magazines:
  • "Raça Brasil" (Brazil), July 2000
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