France Arbour

as Croatian Grandmother in the movie Hunt for Justice

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There is the list of movies, where France Arbour was taked part:
1 Hunt for Justice movie Hunt for Justice 2005 as Croatian Grandmother
2 Les fantômes des Trois Madeleine movie Les fantômes des Trois Madeleine 2000 as Mado
3 Mambo Italiano movie Mambo Italiano 2003 as Italian Psychiatrist #5
4 The Sum of All Fears movie The Sum of All Fears 2002 as Spassky's Mother
5 You Can Thank Me Later movie You Can Thank Me Later 1999 as Bus Driver's Wife
6 Agent of Influence movie Agent of Influence 2002 as Gypsy Matriarch
7 Agnes of God movie Agnes of God 1985 as Father Martineau's Housekeeper
8 Bach et Bottine movie Bach et Bottine 1986 as Grand-mère
9 Katryns Place movie Katryns Place 2002 as Martha
10 LEspérance movie LEspérance 2004 as Dimitria
11 Lhomme perché movie Lhomme perché 1996 as Marie Deschamps
12 La chambre noire movie La chambre noire 2009 as Sophie
13 Pudding chômeur movie Pudding chômeur 1996 as Emma
14 Remue-ménage movie Remue-ménage 1996 as Mme Rivard
15 Requiem pour un beau sans-coeur movie Requiem pour un beau sans-coeur 1992 as Mme Savoie
16 The Whole Nine Yards movie The Whole Nine Yards 2000 as Mrs. Boulez
17 Au nom du père et du fils movie Au nom du père et du fils 1993 as Alexinas
18 LÉcrivain public movie LÉcrivain public 2015 as Licia
19 Les filles de Caleb movie Les filles de Caleb 1990 as Religieuse
20 Les grands procès movie Les grands procès 1993 as Mme Bernard
21 The Hunger movie The Hunger 1997 as Mrs. Saks
22 Un gars, une fille movie Un gars, une fille 1997 as La vieille dame
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