Lisa Arcaro

as Tina-Paranormal Investigator in the movie A Haunting

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There is the list of movies, where Lisa Arcaro was taked part:
1 A Haunting movie A Haunting 2005 as Tina-Paranormal Investigator
2 Conversations with the Devil movie Conversations with the Devil 2013 as Devil
3 Demonia Undertaker movie Demonia Undertaker 2015 as Sally
4 Quarters movie Quarters 2014 as Mary
5 Safe Haven: Sweet Child of Mine movie Safe Haven: Sweet Child of Mine 2015 as Beth Mitchell
6 Scathing movie Scathing 2017 as Interviewer
7 Secret Family Recipe movie Secret Family Recipe 2013 as Anne
8 The Hunters Circle movie The Hunters Circle 2013 as Lilith
9 The Legend of Kate Kensington movie The Legend of Kate Kensington 2015 as Mrs. Diane Jennings
10 Project Afterlife movie Project Afterlife 2015 as Sharon
11 Relation Shipwreck movie Relation Shipwreck 2015 as Mrs. Blutari
12 The Condo Cops movie The Condo Cops 2015 as Madge
13 The Hunters Moon movie The Hunters Moon 2012 as Lilith
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