Archana (I)

as Meenakshi in the movie Parattai Engira Azhagu Sundaram

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There is the list of movies, where Archana (I) was taked part:
1 Parattai Engira Azhagu Sundaram movie Parattai Engira Azhagu Sundaram 2007 as Meenakshi
2 Bagh Bahadur movie Bagh Bahadur 1989 as Radha
3 Daasi movie Daasi 1988 as Kamakshi
4 Ladies Tailor movie Ladies Tailor 1985 as Sujatha
5 Madamma movie Madamma 1996 as Matha
6 Nishad movie Nishad 2002 as Sati Gujaral
7 Onbadhu Roobai Nottu movie Onbadhu Roobai Nottu 2007 as Velayi
8 Parinamam movie Parinamam 2003 as Suma
9 Phool Aur Aag movie Phool Aur Aag 1999 as Jayanti
10 Piravi movie Piravi 1988 as Chakyar's daughter
11 Seetha & Carole movie Seetha & Carole 1998 as Seetha
12 Tarkieb movie Tarkieb 2000 as Leader Woman 1
13 Veedu movie Veedu 1988 as Sudha
14 Yogi Vemana movie Yogi Vemana 1988 as Viswada
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