Robin Arcuri

as Herself in the movie Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Collection 1995-1999

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Also known as BellaRA
Was born at 18 November 1976 (now is 42 years old) in Los Angeles, California, USA

Robin Arcuri nicknamed "RA" is an Italian American supermodel and actor. Whether you're talking about her body of work as an actress,supermodel, cover girl, activist, or, yes, her actual body, the bestword to describe Robin Arcuri is "passion. "From the time she burst onto the Hollywood scene as a teen sensationfrom Huntington Beach, California, Robin Arcuri took on every turn inher career with steely-eyed zeal and passion. She has taken her 5'6"(34D-26-34) natural athletic frame from beauty pageants to fashionrunways world wide, from the small and big screen to Capitol Hill.

Passion has been what has driven the success of Robin Arcuri. Andpassion is what shows in her work. Arcuri, was discovered when, at theage of 13, she placed runner-up in the Miss Teen California Pageant. Her natural beauty and fervent eyes caught the attention of modelingand talent agencies. Nearly overnight, Robin Arcuri became a sensation.

Over her career, Robin has posed for such notables as Maybelline,Emanuel Ungaro, Teen, Vogue, Glamour, Orange Coast, Muscle & Fitness,Shape, Business Week, Cover Models, and Cosmopolitan. Arcuri's passion next took her to fashion runways throughout the world. Told by many that, at 5'6", she was too short to make it in the roughand tumble world of fashion modeling only motivated Robin to search forsuch new success. Her natural beauty and athletic build trumped herdiminutive frame and clients in the high fashion and fitness marketssoon followed. Arcuri became a main stay in fashion print, runway,editorial, catalog, print, swim wear, and fitness apparel.

Whilewalking the runway she knew she was fighting for a good cause. Thatcause was for the industry to stop promoting and using anorexic models. She led by example as she maintained what is now accepted - a fit andhealthy physique. Her example would later serve as a guide for teenmodel hopefuls to follow. Over the years, her interest in culturaldiversity has motivated her to model overseas where she appeared on therunways in Germany, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, and Mexico.

In Japan,while modeling for MAD (Models Against Drugs) she learned how to speakthe Japanese language of Nihongo. While in film school at CSUF she met Illusionist 'Shahrooz Mystere' andbegan assisting him in performing at the Magic Castle in Los Angelesand The Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, California. A small,but fun stage for the young model. Later, through the contacts she hadmade in modeling, Robin got the attention of television executives and,in 1992, made her small screen debut in Miracle Beach as Miss Germany. To date, her television resume includes a guest appearance with RickDees on Into the Night as well as a cameo appearance in season three ofHBO's hit series Entourage (Adios, Amigos).

Arcuri's diverse talentmade her a natural for TV commercials and she has appeared in ads forMountain Dew, L'Oreal, Evian, Body Glove, Associates National Bank,Badger, and Budweiser. Television led to movies. In 2007, she landed asmall role in Ripple Effect. As Arcuri matured in age, she did so as well in life. As an adult, shehas decided to use her number one asset - her passion - to speak out oncauses in which she believes.

Most notably, Arcuri has become arecognized spokesperson several animal rights organizations, appearingon Capitol Hill for rallies with other activists and Members ofCongress. She is a supporter of ASAP, Blind Start Of America,Compassionate Care ALS, the Gavin R. Stevens Foundation, Toys For TotsFoundation, the American Cancer Society, Half The Sky, andEntertainment Industry Foundation for women with cancer to name a few. On April 26, 2011 Arcuri received an award from the city of RedondoBeach for her participation in cleaning up the King Harbor fishdie-off. Arcuri has on numerous occasions expressed that she feels shehas a philanthropic duty to those less fortunate and that is exactlywhat drives her to success.


There is some small facts about Robin Arcuri:
  • Worked as an Illusionist Assistant in 1991 at both the Magic Castle & The Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, California.
  • Attended finishing school at Crawford in Southern California.
  • While modeling in Japan, Robin studied Japanese (Nihongo). She currently still speaks Japanese.
  • Is trained in Jazz dance.
  • Is Native Californian
  • Collects swords and is studying classic fencing.
  • Had a childhood dream of becoming President of the United States.
  • Is trained in various stunts, & martial arts for film.
  • The name Robin means "shining fame".
  • Started preparing for modeling at the age of 12 and did first shoot at the age of 13 for a health club fitness ad.
  • Used to own a pet rat, tarantula, and scorpion.
  • Turned down a role in American Gladiators to finish high school without distraction.
  • played drums for a popular local rock band while attending high school.
  • Is close friends with 'Jim Herzfeld (I)' .
  • Has a song named after her "Liquid Sunshine" by the band The Stranjers.
  • Is learning how to play the piano.
  • Studies, supports, and practices Chinese, homeopathic,and holistic medicine.
  • US 'Playboy Magazine' named her "one of America's top Rising Stars and Hot New Faces" (October 2000).
  • Cover Models magazine named her - "Rising Star" (2003)
  • For a Gucci shoot in 2003 she dyed her hair half blond and half dark brown down the center of her head. With her stylist reluctant to do the process she explained to her that it represented yin/yang. This hair style became a trend as of 2005.
  • Was the first petite model under 5' 6", over the age of 18, to model for couture designers in fashion week.
  • Is close friends with 'Benton E. Tedlie' .
  • Is half German & half Italian.
  • In 2008 became the spokes-model for Orange Coast Fencing Academy.
  • At 7 years old she joined YBA (Youth Basketball Association). She chose to use the number 4 because her Grandmother had a heart condition and had explained to her that there were 4 chambers in the heart. In a 2005 interview she stated that number 4 remains her lucky number.
  • (September 2005) In Los Angeles shooting The Ripple Effect.
  • (September 2007) Living in Los Angeles & waiting for the right role with the right script.
  • (June 2009) In Los Angeles furthering her education while waiting for the ideal role.
Also look some video clip about Robin Arcuri:
There is the list of movies, where Robin Arcuri was taked part:
1 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Collection 1995-1999 movie Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Collection 1995-1999 1999 as Herself
2 Universal Soldier: The Return movie Universal Soldier: The Return 1999 as Waitress
3 The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson movie The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 2005 as Herself 'Brooks and Dunn' video
4 Babewatch 12 movie Babewatch 12 2000 as Herself
5 Bikini Bash movie Bikini Bash 2001 as Herself
6 Miracle Beach movie Miracle Beach 1992 as Miss Germany
7 Miss Teen USA Pageant movie Miss Teen USA Pageant 1996 as Herself
8 Movin G movie Movin G 2007 as Jackie
9 Radioactive Dreams movie Radioactive Dreams 1985 as Jennifer
10 Ripple Effect movie Ripple Effect 2007 as Andrea
11 Dead Mans Walk movie Dead Mans Walk 1996 as Waitress
12 Entourage movie Entourage 2004 as Herself
13 Into the Night with Rick Dees movie Into the Night with Rick Dees 1990 as Herself
14 Walker, Texas Ranger movie Walker, Texas Ranger 1993 as Go Go Dancer
There is the list of interview of Robin Arcuri:
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There is the list of some articles of Robin Arcuri:
  • "Los Angeles Examiner" (USA), 23 June 2012, by: Ella Batalon, "Orange County Celebrity Mud Run to benefit Blind Start of America"
  • "Los Angeles Examiner" (USA), 23 June 2012, by: Ella Batalon, "Blind runners participate in Celebrity Mud Run at Irvine Lake"
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There is the list of some printed articles of Arcuri, Robin:
  • "Playboy's Book of Lingerie" (USA), October 2000, Iss. 75th, pg. 61,62,63, "75th issue Collectors Edition"
  • "Playboy's Book of Lingerie" (USA), September 1999, pg. 68,69
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The image of was on the covers of these magazines:
  • "Playboy" (USA), 15 November 1999, Vol. 3
  • "Business Week" (USA), 1992
  • "Mens Life" (USA), 1991
There is the list of some quotes of Robin Arcuri:
  • I don't want to be famous, I just love to act. Everyone has a story, and I feel blessed when given the opportunity to tell it for them.
  • It's amazing how UNreal the truth can sound sometimes.
  • People often forget that becoming a great actor has nothing to do with being pretty.
  • If one can still truly enjoy the company of a good friend, while knowing their refrigerator will be empty tomorrow, they have mastered a part of life that many will not.
  • Contrary to what you see on TV, there is no such thing as "too old to model", but rather too old to begin a career in modeling. The clients need ads that cater to all demographics. From TEEN magazine to Poly Grip! Why stop just because modeling in a bikini isn't socially accepted for people your age? People need to learn to embrace their aged beauty and live fearless!
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