Karin Argoud

as Carlotta Rucci Accinelli in the movie The Stonecutter

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Was born at 8 November 1960 (now is 57 years old) in USA
There is some small facts about Karin Argoud:
  • (February 2010) Currently lives in Los Angeles.
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There is the list of movies, where Karin Argoud was taked part:
1 The Stonecutter movie The Stonecutter 2000 as Carlotta Rucci Accinelli
2 The Stonecutter (Directors Cut) movie The Stonecutter (Directors Cut) 2011 as Carlotta Rucci Accinelli
3 Bartleby movie Bartleby 2001 as Rocky's French Girlfriend
4 Killer Tomatoes Eat France! movie Killer Tomatoes Eat France! 1992 as Marie the Waitress
5 The Renegades movie The Renegades 1982 as Angela Harris
6 The Undercover Kid movie The Undercover Kid 1996 as German Shepard
7 ABC Afterschool Specials movie ABC Afterschool Specials 1972 as Renie Lake
8 Darkroom movie Darkroom 1981 as Loretta
9 Mamas Family movie Mamas Family 1983 as Sonja Harper
10 Nash Bridges movie Nash Bridges 1996 as Kathy Day
11 Quincy M.E. movie Quincy M.E. 1976 as Jennifer 'Jenny' Jordan
12 Renegade movie Renegade 1992 as Betty
13 Teachers Only movie Teachers Only 1982 as Liz
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