Avigail Ariely

as Gali Naveh (2004-2005) in the movie Ha-Shir Shelanu

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Was born at 1966 (now is 52 years old) in Israel
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There is the list of movies, where Avigail Ariely was taked part:
1 Ha-Shir Shelanu movie Ha-Shir Shelanu 2004 as Gali Naveh (2004-2005)
2 Giborim Ktanim movie Giborim Ktanim 2006 as Anat
3 Ha-Meahev movie Ha-Meahev 1985 as Dafi
4 Hole Ahava BShikun Gimel movie Hole Ahava BShikun Gimel 1995 as Michaela
5 Ha-Chaim Ze Lo Ha-Kol movie Ha-Chaim Ze Lo Ha-Kol 2001 as Galia Ringel
6 Ha-Mosad movie Ha-Mosad 1996 as Maya
7 Kfulim movie Kfulim 2014 as Efrat Rephael
8 Mishpacha VaChetzi movie Mishpacha VaChetzi 1998 as Tzufit
9 Mishpat Kastner movie Mishpat Kastner 1994 as Ruth Tamir
10 Rosh Gadol movie Rosh Gadol 2004 as Dr. Ruthi Enar
11 Shemesh movie Shemesh 1997 as Sivan
12 Yaldei Ha-Yam Haadom movie Yaldei Ha-Yam Haadom 2005 as Michal
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