Page Leong

as Choi Li in the movie The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest

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There is some small facts about Page Leong:
  • Partner of 'Shishir Kurup' with whom she has a daughter Tala, born in January 2003.
  • She holds a Master's degree in Dance from UCLA.
Also look some video clip about Page Leong:
There is the list of movies, where Page Leong was taked part:
1 The Practice movie The Practice 1997 as Pauline, Mathis' Receptionist
2 The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest movie The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest 1996 as Choi Li
3 A House of Secrets and Lies movie A House of Secrets and Lies 1992 as Donna
4 Acting Sheriff movie Acting Sheriff 1991 as Anne Wong-Fowler
5 Angel Town movie Angel Town 1990 as Mr. Park's Connection
6 Another 48 Hrs. movie Another 48 Hrs. 1990 as Angel Lee
7 Argo movie Argo 2012 as Pat Taylor
8 Because Mommy Works movie Because Mommy Works 1994 as Lucy
9 Body Rock movie Body Rock 1984 as Smoothtalker Dancers
10 Dong fang san xia movie Dong fang san xia 1993 as Tian/Shadow Fox
11 Ghostbusters II movie Ghostbusters II 1989 as Spengler's Assistant
12 Majority Rule movie Majority Rule 1992 as Alison Leong
13 Rented Lips movie Rented Lips 1988 as Dancer
14 Rescued from Tehran: We Were There movie Rescued from Tehran: We Were There 2012 as Pat Taylor
15 Sharif Dont Like It movie Sharif Dont Like It 2006 as Video
16 Someone She Knows movie Someone She Knows 1994 as Office Manager
17 Sweet Nothing in My Ear movie Sweet Nothing in My Ear 2008 as Barbara Cannon
18 The Bourne Legacy movie The Bourne Legacy 2012 as Mrs. Yun
19 The Want movie The Want 2001 as Linda
20 The Wizard of Speed and Time movie The Wizard of Speed and Time 1988 as Dancer
21 Turbans movie Turbans 2000 as Mother's Friend
22 White Phantom movie White Phantom 1987 as Mai Lin
23 7th Heaven movie 7th Heaven 1996 as Juror
24 Captain Planet and the Planeteers movie Captain Planet and the Planeteers 1990 as Madame Mao
25 China Beach movie China Beach 1988 as Cam Noi
26 Criminal Minds movie Criminal Minds 2005 as Dr. Kiyomura
27 Deadly Games movie Deadly Games 1995 as Dr. Judy Chang
28 Dragnet movie Dragnet 2003 as Page
29 Drive movie Drive 2007 as Female Doctor
30 ER movie ER 1994 as Gloria
31 Fame movie Fame 1982 as Fame Dancer
32 Fish Police movie Fish Police 1992 as Connie Koi
33 General Hospital movie General Hospital 1963 as Judge Amber Chua
34 Get Real movie Get Real 1999 as Gail
35 Growing Pains movie Growing Pains 1985 as Tiffany
36 JAG movie JAG 1995 as Captain Lishi
37 Judging Amy movie Judging Amy 1999 as A.D.A.
38 Life Goes On movie Life Goes On 1989 as Nurse
39 Lizzie McGuire movie Lizzie McGuire 2001 as Mrs. Wortman
40 NCIS: Los Angeles movie NCIS: Los Angeles 2009 as Anna Chang
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