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Real name is Léonie Marie Julie Bathiat
Was born at 15 May 1898 in Courbevoie, Hauts-de-Seine, France . Died at 23 July 1992, Paris, France

Before Arlette-Leonie Bathiat went to the movies she was a secretary andhad posed several times as a model for different painters andphotographers. In 1920 she debuted on stage at a theatre. She onlybegan to work in movies after 1930. After World War II she wascondemned to prison for having been the lover of a German officialduring the ocupation of France.

In 1963 she had an accident which lefther almost blind. Her most important movies were filmed and directed by'Marcel Carné' ("Hotel du Nord (1938)" or "Enfants du Paradis, Les(1945)"). On leaving school, Arletty worked in a factory before becoming a model. She made her music-hall debut in 1918 and continued to appear on thestage until the early 1930's. Arletty rarely received top billingalthough she outshone the lead actors in most of her films, notably thepopular classics Hôtel du Nord (1938) and Le jour se lève (1939) .

She always illuminated the screen withan unusual mixture of Parisian working-class sense of humour and herromantic beauty, qualities perfectly illustrated by her portrayal ofGarance in Les enfants du paradis (1945) directed by'Marcel Carné' . After the Liberation, her career suffered a severedrawback owing to a liaison with a German Officer during theOccupation. For liberated France, she became the symbol of treason orwhat was called "horizontal collaboration," and for that she had topay. And the price proved to be very high indeed. She was arrested andsent to Drancy concentration camp then to Fresnes prison (near Paris)where she spent 120 days.

In December 1944, she was put under housearrest for another two years and condemned to three years worksuspension. She was not invited to the premiere of 'Les enfants duparadis' in March 1945 which led French critique 'Jean Sadoul' towrite: "Arletty bid farewell to the screen with the best role of hercareer. " Once her work restriction lifted, however, she did return tothe screen, notably in Portrait d'un assassin (1949) , Huis-clos (1954) and L'air de Paris (1954) and also actedon stage before blindness forced her to retire in the early Sixties. Few French actresses have been so missed. .

There is some small facts about Arletty:
  • The nickname is from Maupassant's tale "Arlette"
  • The funeral cortege made a stop in front of the Hotel du Nord where her famous film of 1938 is located.
  • In 1914 a man she loved died on the third day of war and the future actress swore she'd never get married "not to become a war widow or, what would be worse, the mother of a soldier."
  • Member of the jury at the Cannes Film Festival in 1956
  • Served two months in a French prison after World War II for having a love affair with a Nazi officer, which constituted collaboration in the eyes of French Justice.
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There is the list of movies, where Arletty was taked part:
1 Le voyage de Monsieur Perrichon movie Le voyage de Monsieur Perrichon 1934 as Anita Mathieu
2 Les perles de la couronne movie Les perles de la couronne 1937 as La reine d'Abyssinie
3 Madame et ses peaux-rouges movie Madame et ses peaux-rouges 1948 as Mademoiselle Pascale
4 Aloha, le chant des îles movie Aloha, le chant des îles 1937 as Ginette Gina
5 Amants et voleurs movie Amants et voleurs 1935 as Agathe
6 Arletty raconte Arletty movie Arletty raconte Arletty 1988 as Arletty
7 Arletty, Lady Paname movie Arletty, Lady Paname 2007 as Herself
8 Aventure à Paris movie Aventure à Paris 1936 as Rose Blondel de Saint-Leu
9 Boléro movie Boléro 1942 as Catherine
10 Carné, lhomme à la caméra movie Carné, lhomme à la caméra 1985 as Herself
11 Circonstances atténuantes movie Circonstances atténuantes 1939 as Marie Qu'a-d'ça
12 Cocteau Marais - Un couple mythique movie Cocteau Marais - Un couple mythique 2013 as Herself
13 Dans la vie faut pas sen faire movie Dans la vie faut pas sen faire 1962 as Herself
14 Dina chez les rois movie Dina chez les rois 1967 as Récitante/Narrator
15 Désiré movie Désiré 1937 as Madeleine Crapicheau, la femme de chambre
16 Enlevez-moi movie Enlevez-moi 1932 as Lulu
17 Et ta soeur movie Et ta soeur 1958 as Lucrèce du Boccage
18 Faisons un rêve... movie Faisons un rêve... 1936 as Une invitée (prologue)
19 Fric-Frac movie Fric-Frac 1939 as Loulou
20 Gibier de potence movie Gibier de potence 1951 as Madame Alice
21 Huis-clos movie Huis-clos 1954 as Inès - une lesbienne
22 Hôtel du Nord movie Hôtel du Nord 1938 as Raymonde
23 Jacques Prévert movie Jacques Prévert 1977 as Herself
24 Je te confie ma femme movie Je te confie ma femme 1933 as Totoche
25 Lair de Paris movie Lair de Paris 1954 as Blanche Le Garrec
26 Lamant de Bornéo movie Lamant de Bornéo 1942 as Stella Losange
27 Lamour, Madame movie Lamour, Madame 1952 as Herself
28 LOccupation sans relâche - Les artistes pendant la guerre movie LOccupation sans relâche - Les artistes pendant la guerre 2010 as Herself
29 La belle aventure movie La belle aventure 1932 as Madame Desmignières
30 La chaleur du sein movie La chaleur du sein 1938 as Bernadette Mezin
31 La douceur daimer movie La douceur daimer 1930 as Une dactylo
32 La femme que jai le plus aimée movie La femme que jai le plus aimée 1942 as Simone, l'actrice locataire
33 La fille de Madame Angot movie La fille de Madame Angot 1935 as Ducoudray
34 La gamberge movie La gamberge 1962 as La mère d'Albert
35 La garçonne movie La garçonne 1936 as Niquette
36 La guerre des valses movie La guerre des valses 1933 as La chocolatière
37 La loi des hommes movie La loi des hommes 1962 as Loune de Lindt
38 Le grand jeu movie Le grand jeu 1954 as Blanche
39 Le jour se lève movie Le jour se lève 1939 as Clara
40 Le mari rêvé movie Le mari rêvé 1936 as Eve Roland
There is the list of interview of Arletty:
  • "Mon Film" (France), 31 August 1949, Iss. No. 158, pg. 8 - 9, by: Paule Marguy, "Arletty a choisi son grand amour"
There is the list of some articles of Arletty:
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There is the list of some printed articles of Léonie Marie Julie Bathiat:
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The image of Léonie Marie Julie Bathiat was on the covers of these magazines:
  • "IFB" (West Germany), 1952, Iss. 2369
  • "Filmjournalen" (Sweden), 1946, Iss. 40
There is the list of some quotes of Arletty:
  • "My heart is French but my arse is international!" (when she was accused of having had a relationship with a German soldier during World War II)
  • [observation on her prosecution as a collaborator in wartime France] One rarely says it: condemned to life. It's often more harsh than a death sentence.
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