Frøydis Armand

as Lam kvinde in the movie Magnetisørens femte vinter

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Was born at 9 April 1949 (now is 69 years old)
There is some small facts about Frøydis Armand:
  • Sister of actresses 'Gisken Armand' and 'Merete Armand' .
  • Daughter of actor 'Eilif Armand' .
  • Has a daughter from a relationship with actor 'Kai Remlow' .
Also look some video clip about Frøydis Armand:
There is the list of movies, where Frøydis Armand was taked part:
1 Magnetisørens femte vinter movie Magnetisørens femte vinter 1999 as Lam kvinde
2 Rygg i rand, to i spann movie Rygg i rand, to i spann 1993 as Anna Moland
3 Kollektivet movie Kollektivet 2011 as Skuespiller, gjesterolle
4 Sejer - se deg ikke tilbake movie Sejer - se deg ikke tilbake 2000 as Snorrason
5 Aberdeen movie Aberdeen 2000 as Alcoholic Woman
6 Bryllupsfesten movie Bryllupsfesten 1989 as Rakel
7 Du kan da ikke bare gå movie Du kan da ikke bare gå 1985 as Barbara
8 Engler i sneen movie Engler i sneen 1982 as Unni
9 Etter brannen movie Etter brannen 1975 as Mathilda
10 Henrys bakværelse movie Henrys bakværelse 1982 as Zimmy
11 Hustruer movie Hustruer 1975 as Heidrun Iverson
12 Hustruer - ti år etter movie Hustruer - ti år etter 1985 as Heidrun
13 Hustruer III movie Hustruer III 1996 as Heidrun
14 Kjærleikens ferjereiser movie Kjærleikens ferjereiser 1979 as Henriette Brunberg
15 Kodemus movie Kodemus 1971 as Parkdamen
16 Mors hus movie Mors hus 1974 as Eva
17 Nedtur movie Nedtur 1980 as Kari
18 Noe beroligende movie Noe beroligende 1995 as The grandmother
19 Ole Aleksander Filibom-bom-bom movie Ole Aleksander Filibom-bom-bom 1998 as Melkebutikkdame
20 Orkestergraven movie Orkestergraven 2009 as Wally Steen
21 Vi lever kvart vårt liv movie Vi lever kvart vårt liv 1971 as Gillian
22 Øye for Øye 1985 as Anne
23 Amalies jul movie Amalies jul 1995 as Nissekusine
24 Fleksnes fataliteter movie Fleksnes fataliteter 1972 as Jente på snackbar
25 Holms movie Holms 2002 as Kari Brattmark
26 Hotel Cæsar movie Hotel Cæsar 1998 as Dagny Dallimore
27 Jul på Månetoppen movie Jul på Månetoppen 2002 as Nissekusine
28 Mot i brøstet movie Mot i brøstet 1993 as Tante Gunhild
29 Neste Sommer movie Neste Sommer 2014 as Bjørg
30 Saken Ruth Vang movie Saken Ruth Vang 1981 as Vigdis Myrnes
31 Ta den ring movie Ta den ring 1982 as Datamaskinstemme
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