Grace Armas

as Screaming Cleaning Woman in the movie Murder at 1600

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There is the list of movies, where Grace Armas was taked part:
1 Murder at 1600 movie Murder at 1600 1997 as Screaming Cleaning Woman
2 The Exquisite Corpses movie The Exquisite Corpses 2007 as Japanese Diana Ross
3 Bitten movie Bitten 2008 as Mrs. Lee
4 Crime Spree movie Crime Spree 2003 as Maid
5 Fallen Angel movie Fallen Angel 2003 as Nurse
6 Home Again movie Home Again 2012 as Ms.Ramirez
7 Scales of Justice movie Scales of Justice 1992 as Carmelite Steward
8 Senior Trip movie Senior Trip 1995 as Mrs. Woo
9 Subway Harmonies movie Subway Harmonies 2010 as Mrs. Wong
10 Survivors movie Survivors 1992 as Nurse
11 The Two Mr. Kissels movie The Two Mr. Kissels 2008 as Mateah
12 Two Against Time movie Two Against Time 2002 as Nurse #1
13 72 Hours: True Crime movie 72 Hours: True Crime 2003 as Family Friend
14 Blue Murder movie Blue Murder 2001 as Housekeeper
15 Due South movie Due South 1994 as Teller
16 Foolish Heart movie Foolish Heart 1999 as Adora
17 Mayday movie Mayday 2003 as Bartender
18 Odyssey 5 movie Odyssey 5 2002 as Cleaning Lady
19 ReGenesis movie ReGenesis 2004 as Nurse
20 Relic Hunter movie Relic Hunter 1999 as Maid
21 Side Effects movie Side Effects 1994 as Nurse Rosa
22 Soul Food movie Soul Food 2000 as Makeover Woman
23 Street Legal movie Street Legal 1987 as Jury Foreman
24 The Border movie The Border 2008 as Interpreter
25 This Is Wonderland movie This Is Wonderland 2004 as Isabel
26 Witchblade movie Witchblade 2001 as Nurse
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