Danièle Arnaud

as ZZ Top Muse Girl in the movie ZZ Top: Greatest Hits

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There is some small facts about Danièle Arnaud:
  • One of the three "'ZZ Top' girls" (with 'Jeana Keough' and 'Kymberly Herrin' ) who showed up in ZZ Top's "Eliminator" series of videos.
  • As of October 2005, was an Adjunct Professor at San Diego (CA) City College, teaching French.
  • Was paid $2000 for her appearance in the 1984 'ZZ Top' video "Legs".
Also look some video clip about Danièle Arnaud:
There is the list of movies, where Danièle Arnaud was taked part:
1 ZZ Top: Greatest Hits movie ZZ Top: Greatest Hits 1992 as ZZ Top Muse Girl
2 Down on Us movie Down on Us 1989 as London Blonde
3 School Spirit movie School Spirit 1985 as Madeleine
4 The Womens Club movie The Womens Club 1987 as Nonspeaking Model
5 St. Elsewhere movie St. Elsewhere 1982 as Hawkins' dream
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