Janet Arneau

as Regular Cop #9 (Forensic) in the movie Hipster Vice

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Real name is Carolyn Janet Arnold

Janet's career in the entertainment business has been a diversifiedjourney spanning close to two decades. Her success as an actress infilm, television and theatre is a testimony to her hard work,dedication and attention to detail. Janet's credits include appearingin 16 films, 40 theatrical productions and numerous televisioncommercials and roles on hit TV programs such as the FX channels"Rescue Me". Janet has also appeared in industrial productions as a spokeswoman forFortune 500 Companies such as AT&T, Coke, Phillip Morris and manyothers.

Although she has been successful as an actress Janet's businessskills is what separates her from the pack. Before launching her careeras an actress, Janet owned and operated a successful retail dressbusiness in Atlanta Georgia. Janet's business skills have been thedriving force behind her goal of serving as a Producer and Creator ofReality Television. Following in the footsteps of Donald Trump trademarking "You're Fired"and Paris Hilton claiming "That's Hot" as her own, someone named JanetArneau has trademarked "What's Your Problem?" - the name of her show. Arnold has become protective of "What's Your Problem?" that she won anIP issue with ABC and Disney because the phrase is in ads for "BostonLegal.

" Arneau's lawyer, Robert Hantman, is said to be hoping thatseries star William Shatner will defend himself. Most recently Janethas created, produced and stared in her own comedic, reality basedtelevision show "What's Your Problem?". Janet's show has been broadcastfor 4 seasons on the Time Warner Cable system in New York City and onNational Lampoons closed circuit network targeted to over 600 collegesand universities throughout the U. S. "What's Your Problem?" has beenshot on location in New York City, Paris, Hollywood, Miami Beach,Cannes France and many other exotic places throughout the world.

National Lampoon has also repurposed the show for its internet based,on demand, entertainment web site. Janet has developed a clothing linethemed after "What's Your Problem?" has an internet store to distributeher line along with and Ebay "What's Your Problem?" store. To further hone her production skills Janet worked on the recentlyfinished feature film, "The King of California" starring MichaelDouglas. Janet further developed her business and film productionknowledge as a product placement specialist and as a member of the artdepartment for the film. Janet received her BS in Textiles from theUniversity of Tennessee and received a certificate in Shakespearestudies from St.

Catherine's College at Oxford University in England. Janet also studied acting with notable teachers such as Denny Albee,Joe Paradise, Michael Howard Studios and Dorsey Studios. Janet has beenrepresented by Wilhelmina Creative division in New York and LosAngeles. .

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There is the list of movies, where Janet Arneau was taked part:
1 Hipster Vice movie Hipster Vice 2012 as Regular Cop #9 (Forensic)
2 Beyond Reason movie Beyond Reason 1995 as Wife
3 Rescue Me movie Rescue Me 2004 as Sara
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