Cat Arnell

as JASP Flight Attendant #1 in the movie A Dark Reflection

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From an early age, acting, theatre and performing were all that Cat everwanted to do with her life! This dream took her to London from a smalltown in Aberdeen, Scotland at the age of 16yrs in order to develop hertraining. Whilst in London Cat obtained her degree from ArtsEducational Schools of London, worked closely with a top London actingand theatrical agency and began to gain experience within the industry. After a few years spent working on small theatrical projects and shortfilms, Cat wanted to gain more experience and focus on the film and TVside of the industry. She has been auditioning for various film projects, and was involved ina new horror feature.

She has also worked closely with a largeproduction team on a brand new feature, out in 2014. Cat is quirky and dedicated, with a deep rooted love of acting. A truechild at heart, she is professional and has an incredible drive todevelop her career and experiences. .

There is some small facts about Cat Arnell:
  • Cat still has a scar on her left knee in the shape if an exclamation mark from falling out of a tree when she was 10 years old.
  • Cat has no thumb nails. This is due to a birth defect.
Also look some video clip about Cat Arnell:
There is the list of movies, where Cat Arnell was taked part:
1 A Dark Reflection movie A Dark Reflection 2015 as JASP Flight Attendant #1
2 In Dependence movie In Dependence 2013 as Rebecca
3 P.O.V movie P.O.V 2014 as Nelle
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