Neda Arneric

as Ingrid - Fredova djevojka in the movie Divlji andjeli

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Was born at 15 July 1953 (now is 65 years old) in Knjazevac, Serbia, Yugoslavia
There is some small facts about Neda Arneric:
  • She was elected for Serbian Parliament after October 5, 2000 as a member of Democratic party of murdered prime-minister 'Zoran Djindjic' . Withdrew from public politics after the "remote voting" scandal when her vote were registered in Serbian Parliament while she was on summer vacation in Turkey.
  • In August 2010, she received Life Achievement Award "Pavle Vuisic" for her roles in Yugoslav cinematography.
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There is the list of movies, where Neda Arneric was taked part:
1 Divlji andjeli movie Divlji andjeli 1969 as Ingrid - Fredova djevojka
2 Ljubavni zivot Budimira Trajkovica movie Ljubavni zivot Budimira Trajkovica 1977 as Devojka bez prenocista
3 Osmeh Margaret Jursenar movie Osmeh Margaret Jursenar 1993 as Margerit Jursenar
4 Pun mesec nad Beogradom movie Pun mesec nad Beogradom 1993 as Djordjeva majka
5 Un peu, beaucoup, passionnément... movie Un peu, beaucoup, passionnément... 1971 as Neda
6 Andjeo cuvar movie Andjeo cuvar 1987 as Mila
7 Beati i ricchi movie Beati i ricchi 1972 as Lucia
8 Bice bolje movie Bice bolje 1994 as Mila
9 Bijelo Dugme movie Bijelo Dugme 2010 as Herself
10 Boj na Kosovu movie Boj na Kosovu 1989 as Ribarica
11 Chamsin movie Chamsin 1972 as Tochter
12 Crni u dusi movie Crni u dusi 2001 as Lara
13 Dark Echo movie Dark Echo 1977 as Hilda Beckmann
14 Dugme koje spaja i razdvaja movie Dugme koje spaja i razdvaja 2009 as Herself
15 Gospodja ministarka movie Gospodja ministarka 1978 as Anka
16 Guests Are About to Arrive movie Guests Are About to Arrive 2012 as Marija
17 Haloa - praznik kurvi movie Haloa - praznik kurvi 1988 as Maira
18 Ispravi se, Delfina movie Ispravi se, Delfina 1977 as Delfina
19 Istrel movie Istrel 1972 as Vera
20 Jutro movie Jutro 1967 as Devojka
21 Ko to tamo peva movie Ko to tamo peva 1980 as Mlada
22 Kolnati sme, Irina movie Kolnati sme, Irina 1973 as Irina
23 Kraj rata movie Kraj rata 1984 as Nadica
24 Kratka sredba movie Kratka sredba 1984 as Mirjana
25 Kvar movie Kvar 1978 as Nada
26 Lerotomane movie Lerotomane 1974 as The maid
27 Le grand ruban (Truck) movie Le grand ruban (Truck) 1990 as Maya
28 Let u magli movie Let u magli 1988 as Ana
29 Lov u mutnom movie Lov u mutnom 1981 as Dana
30 Ma nije on takav movie Ma nije on takav 2010 as Glumica
31 Marjuca ili smrt movie Marjuca ili smrt 1987 as Marija
32 Moj tata na odredjeno vreme movie Moj tata na odredjeno vreme 1982 as Ruzica Zvezdanic
33 Natasa movie Natasa 2001 as Biljana (Natasina majka)
34 Nebeska udica movie Nebeska udica 2000 as Misina majka
35 Necista krv movie Necista krv 1996 as Biljarica
36 Nedeljni rucak movie Nedeljni rucak 1982 as Vida
37 Nesto iz zivota movie Nesto iz zivota 1980 as Milica
38 Obracun u kazino kabareu movie Obracun u kazino kabareu 1993 as Silvija
39 Original falsifikata movie Original falsifikata 1991 as Dusanka
40 Osmi dan u nedelji movie Osmi dan u nedelji 1989 as Sonja ... Nikolina supruga
There is the list of some printed articles of Arneric, Neda:
  • "Le Nouveau Cinémonde" (France), July 1970, Iss. 1843, pg. 44, "Neda Arneric : "Un peu, beaucoup, passionnnément""
The image of was on the covers of these magazines:
  • "Filmspiegel" (East Germany), 1976, Iss. 5
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