Cecile Arnold

as The Lodgekeeper's Daughter in the movie A Bear Affair

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Real name is Cecile Laval Arnoux
Was born at April 1891 in Louisville, Kentucky, USA . Died at 1931, Hong Kong, China

Comedienne Cecile Arnold was born in Kentucky, USA in 1891 and made herdebut in films at the age of 22, when she joined the Keystone studio. Although her work there mostly consisted of playing supporting roles,she did receive more prominent screen time on occasion, notably as apretty blonde in Those Love Pangs (1914) with Charlie Chaplin. Sheappeared with Chaplin in at least eleven short films, and can also beglimpsed with other stars such as Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle and MackSwain. However, her career was run short when she married a banker in1917, after which she left the movies altogether.

She died in Hong Kongin 1931 as the result of a violent case of influenza, aged 40. .

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There is the list of movies, where Cecile Arnold was taked part:
1 A Bear Affair movie A Bear Affair 1915 as The Lodgekeeper's Daughter
2 A Submarine Pirate movie A Submarine Pirate 1915 as A Peach at the Hotel
3 Ambroses First Falsehood movie Ambroses First Falsehood 1914 as Ambroses's Buddy's Girlfriend
4 Fattys Wine Party movie Fattys Wine Party 1914 as Restaurant Customer
5 Her Nature Dance movie Her Nature Dance 1917 as The Entomologist's Wife
6 Stout Hearts But Weak Knees movie Stout Hearts But Weak Knees 1914 as Minor Role
7 That Springtime Feeling movie That Springtime Feeling 1915 as The Nursemaid
8 A Game Old Knight movie A Game Old Knight 1915 as Princess Patricia
9 Ambroses Nasty Temper movie Ambroses Nasty Temper 1915 as The Proprietress's Daughter
10 Ambroses Sour Grapes movie Ambroses Sour Grapes 1915 as Woman in Lobby
11 Caught in a Park movie Caught in a Park 1915 as The Girl Friend
12 Caught in the Act movie Caught in the Act 1915 as The Artist's Model
13 Crossed Love and Swords movie Crossed Love and Swords 1915 as Party Guest
14 Cursed by His Beauty movie Cursed by His Beauty 1914 as The Young Art Student
15 Dough and Dynamite movie Dough and Dynamite 1914 as Waitress
16 Gentlemen of Nerve movie Gentlemen of Nerve 1914 as Spectator
17 Getting Acquainted movie Getting Acquainted 1914 as Mary - the Flirt
18 Gussles Day of Rest movie Gussles Day of Rest 1915 as The Park Girl
19 He Loved the Ladies movie He Loved the Ladies 1914 as Minor Role
20 His Last Scent movie His Last Scent 1916 as The Girl
21 His Luckless Love movie His Luckless Love 1915 as The Maid
22 His Musical Career movie His Musical Career 1914 as Mrs. Rich
23 His New Profession movie His New Profession 1914 as Girl with Eggs
24 His Prehistoric Past movie His Prehistoric Past 1914 as Cavewoman
25 His Social Rise movie His Social Rise 1917 as Young Wife
26 His Taking Ways movie His Taking Ways 1914 as The Girl
27 His Talented Wife movie His Talented Wife 1914 as Actress
28 Hushing the Scandal movie Hushing the Scandal 1915 as Party Guest
29 Leading Lizzie Astray movie Leading Lizzie Astray 1914 as Dancing Cafe Patron
30 My Valet movie My Valet 1915 as Letter Writer
31 No One to Guide Him movie No One to Guide Him 1915 as Dinner Guest
32 The Face on the Barroom Floor movie The Face on the Barroom Floor 1914 as Madeleine - a Model
33 The Property Man movie The Property Man 1914 as Goo Goo Sister
34 The Rounders movie The Rounders 1914 as Hotel Guest in Lobby
35 Those Love Pangs movie Those Love Pangs 1914 as Blonde Girl
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