Olga Arntgolts

as Markiza fon Shomberg in the movie Sluga Gosudarev

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Real name is Olga Albertovna Arntgolts
Was born at 18 March 1982 (now is 36 years old) in Kaliningrad, Kaliningradskaya oblast, RSFSR, USSR [now Russia]
There is some small facts about Olga Arntgolts:
  • She is the identical twin sister of 'Tatyana Arntgolts' . Olga is 20 minutes younger than Tatyana.
  • She and Tatyana are the daughters of Russian theatrical actors 'Albert Arntgolts' and Valentina Galich.
  • Gave birth to her 1st child at age 31, a daughter Anna Beridze on August 15, 2013. Child's father is her husband, 'Vakhtang Beridze' .
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There is the list of movies, where Olga Arntgolts was taked part:
1 Sluga Gosudarev movie Sluga Gosudarev 2007 as Markiza fon Shomberg
2 Chastnik movie Chastnik 2008 as Galya
3 Gena Beton movie Gena Beton 2014 as Masha
4 Glyanets movie Glyanets 2007 as Nastya
5 Materinskiy instinkt movie Materinskiy instinkt 2009 as Liza
6 Russkoe movie Russkoe 2004 as Svetka
7 Zachem tebe alibi? movie Zachem tebe alibi? 2003 as Anzhelika
8 Zharkiy noyabr movie Zharkiy noyabr 2006 as Vika
9 Zhivoy movie Zhivoy 2006 as Nurse Olga
10 Chyornaya komnata movie Chyornaya komnata 2000 as Zoya
11 Ne zabyvay movie Ne zabyvay 2005 as Nina Sinitsyna
12 Pandora movie Pandora 2013 as Nastia Svirina
13 Piranyi movie Piranyi 2013 as Vika Loginova
14 Reklamnaya pauza movie Reklamnaya pauza 2006 as Lena
15 Sivyy merin movie Sivyy merin 2010 as Katya (2010)
16 Svadba Barbi movie Svadba Barbi 2005 as Paulina Zvonareva
17 Troe protiv vsekh - 2 movie Troe protiv vsekh - 2 2003 as Lena
18 Troe protiv vsekh movie Troe protiv vsekh 2002 as Lena
19 V lesakh i na gorakh movie V lesakh i na gorakh 2010 as Nastasya Potapovna (2010)
20 Vzyat Tarantinu movie Vzyat Tarantinu 2006 as Lera
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