Louise Arters

as A Twin at Gatsby Party in the movie The Great Gatsby

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Started ballet and tap instruction at age eight under Elsie McDonald(sister of actress Jeanette McDonald's). By age twelve, the Arterstwins were doing a stage presentation based upon the famousScope-A-Tune routine of the European Kessler Sisters. Began print andstore modeling in Philadelphia at age fifteen. An in-demand model byage sixteen, she appeared with Eagles' football sensation TommyMcDonald for a Penn Fruit campaign.

Her mother lied about her age,which enabled her to go to New York to model in the garment districtwhile still in high school. After making the rounds of the New Yorkmodeling circuit, she was signed by the prestigious Wilhemina Agency. She was sent to Paris to meet with Dorian Lee (Suzy Parker's agentsister), where she immediately landed the cover of "L'Official," amajor coup. After doing pret-a-porter and print work in Paris for oneyear, she returned to New York City where she made a successful livingas a model. Between international assignments she continued to hone herdance skills; singing lessons soon followed with David Collier.

Sheadded drama instruction with Robert Modica, coach of 'Ali MacGraw' . Her agency sent the sisters to read for a scene requiring twins in Great Gatsby, The (1972) , which they got. Modeling continued non-stopuntil they received the audition call from 'George Roy Hill' forthe infamous Slap Shot (1977) . The role of a hockey booster clubSparkle Twin is the one with which Louise is still closely associated. The girls were then featured with 'Jack Weston' in O'Kay, a NewYork stage production that brought the girls to Toronto's Old Vic,followed by a six week run at prestigious Lincon Center.

The show wasoriginally scheduled to open on Broadway, but plans were scuttled dueto the city's lengthy newspaper strike. It was shortly after this timethat Louise's increasing health problems were finally diagnosed asMultiple Sclerosis. .

There is some small facts about Louise Arters:
  • Twin sister of Janet Arters-Duckworth.
  • Slap Shot (1977) director 'George Roy Hill' was originally was looking for the Sparkle Twins - the Johnstown Chiefs' hockey groupies - to be very different in appearance. He wanted two frizzy-haired, bespectacled, orthodontia-riddled teen girls. When he saw Louise and Janet walk through the door, all of that went straight out the window. It was suddenly two blonde bombshells - with torn, tight tee shirts - cast in the picture.
  • (August 2004) Living in central Pennsylvania and making numerous Slap Shot and MS-related personal appearances in North America
  • (March 2002) Lives in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area, and suffers from Multiple Sclerosis.
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There is the list of movies, where Louise Arters was taked part:
1 The Great Gatsby movie The Great Gatsby 1974 as A Twin at Gatsby Party
2 Slap Shot movie Slap Shot 1977 as Sparkle Twin
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