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as Siina in the movie Ainult hulludele ehk halastajaõde

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Real name is Alida Franzevna Artmane
Was born at 21 July 1929 in Tukums, Latvia . Died at 11 October 2008, Riga, Latvia

Vija Artmane has been called the legend of Latvian theatre and cinema. She was born Alida Fritsevna Artmane, on July 21, 1929, in a villagenear Tukums, Latvia. Her father, Fritsis Artmane, was of Batic Germanancestry, and he died four months before she was born. Her Polishmother, Anna Zaborska, survived by doing seasonal agricultural jobs.

Young Artmane grew up playing in the fields, she was fond of wildflowers and learned to make flower arrangements and dolls. At the ageof 10, young Artmane became a shepherd girl. She worked with a herd ofcows for five years, and survived until the end of the Second WorldWar. In 1946 she graduated from school and had a dream of becoming alawyer in order to make the world a better place, but her passion foracting prevailed. In 1946 she moved to Riga, and changed her first name to Vija, beginningher studies at the Daile Theatre Second Studio.

From 1946 - 1949 VijaArtmane studied acting under the tutelage of the legendary Latviantheatre director Eduard Smilgis. From 1949 to 1999 Artmane was apermanent member of the troupe at the Daile Theatre in Riga. Her mostmemorable stage works were Juliet in 'Romeo and Juliet' (1953), andOfelia in 'Hamlet' among other Shakespeare's plays. Vija Artmane hadalso created important roles in Latvian plays such as 'Indulis andArija' and 'Fire and Night' under direction of by Janis Rajnis. She wascritically acclaimed for her passionate performance as Anna Karenina inthe eponymous play by 'Leo Tolstoy' directed by Eduard Smilgis;she also played in Tolstoy's 'War and Peace', in Gogol's 'Dead Souls',and other classic Russian plays.

From 1998 to 2000 she worked with theNew Riga Theatre. There she appeared in the title role in stageproduction of 'Queen of Spades' based on the eponymous drama by'Alexander Pushkin' . In 1956 Artmane made her film debut in 'Posle shtorma' (1957) (aka. . After the Storm).

In 1963 she shot to fame in the Soviet Union with herleading role as Sonya, a beautiful and loving mother, in Rodnaya krov (1964) . After that film Artmane was nicknamed"Mother-Latvia" in her homeland. Her film career was highlighted withsuch roles as Veda Kong in Tumannost Andromedy (1967) , asCatherine the Great in Emelyan Pugachev (1979) , as Julia Lamberin Teatris (1978) and other film works. Artmane appeared asherself in documentary on her biography titled 'Conversation with theQueen' (1980) which was produced at the Riga Film Studio. Vija Artmane received the title of National Actress of Latvia, and wasdesignated People's Artist of the USSR in 1969.

In 1999 Vija Artmanewas awarded by the Culture Ministry of Latvia for her contribution tothe art of theatre and cinema. In 2003 she received a special TheatrePrize for her long-standing contribution to Latvian culture. VijaArtmane was married to actor 'Arturs Dimiters' and the couple hadtwo children, a son and a daughter. In 2004 she published a book ofmemoirs titled 'The moments of my life'. She died on October 8, 2008 ofnatural causes and was laid to rest in Pokrovsky cemetery in Riga,Latvia.


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There is the list of movies, where Vija Artmane was taked part:
1 Ainult hulludele ehk halastajaõde movie Ainult hulludele ehk halastajaõde 1990 as Siina
2 Davana vientulai sievietei movie Davana vientulai sievietei 1973 as Kopiene/Gita
3 Kamenskaya: Igra na chuzhom pole movie Kamenskaya: Igra na chuzhom pole 2000 as Valter
4 Teatris movie Teatris 1978 as Dzhuliya Lambert (Julia Lambert)
5 Za lebedinoy staey oblakov movie Za lebedinoy staey oblakov 1956 as Dace Straume
6 Chuzhaya v posyolke movie Chuzhaya v posyolke 1959 as Elza
7 Emelyan Pugachev movie Emelyan Pugachev 1979 as Catherine the Great
8 Emila nedarbi movie Emila nedarbi 1985 as Nabagmajas komendante
9 Gladiaator movie Gladiaator 1969 as Anni
10 Gosudarstvennaya granitsa: My nash, my novyy... movie Gosudarstvennaya granitsa: My nash, my novyy... 1980 as Zinaida Kirillovna
11 Mainai movie Mainai 1977 as Jadvyga
12 Me, gamomdziebeli movie Me, gamomdziebeli 1971 as Vanda
13 Mernieku laiki movie Mernieku laiki 1969 as Liena
14 Moonzund movie Moonzund 1987 as frau Milch
15 Na poroge buri movie Na poroge buri 1961 as Mara Vilde
16 Niekas nenorejo mirti movie Niekas nenorejo mirti 1966 as Ona
17 Podvig Farkhada movie Podvig Farkhada 1970 as Vera
18 Purva bridejs movie Purva bridejs 1966 as Kristina
19 Strely Robin Guda movie Strely Robin Guda 1976 as Ket
20 Svesas kaislibas movie Svesas kaislibas 1986 as Anna
21 Tayna snezhnoy korolevy movie Tayna snezhnoy korolevy 1986 as Mrs. Autumn
22 Tumannost Andromedy movie Tumannost Andromedy 1967 as Veda Kong
23 Noch pered rassvetom movie Noch pered rassvetom 1969 as Karla
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