Babsy Artner

as Herself - Presenter in the movie IIFA 2007 Backstage

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Was born at Vienna (now is 49 years old) in Austria

Babsy Artner was born in Vienna, Austria. The talented, professionaltrained actress started her career as a model. Soon after she got herfirst movie role. Besides a long list of movies, Babsy has also appeared in many TVseries, commercials, music videos and on stage.

She has worked withseveral well-known directors and actors in various internationalproductions. Babsy has appeared in Oscar-winning director BruceBeresford's movie "Bride of the wind" and on stage in "Winnetou and OldShatterhand", in which she played with Rodney A. Grant - "Dances withWolves". She has also had the pleasure of acting alongside CatherineDeneuve in the TV movie "Princesse Marie", and Chinese actress ZiyiZhang - "Memoirs of a Geisha" - in a commercial. Next to her acting career Babsy is also a singer and a model.

She can beseen on numerous magazine covers and commercial posters. She has workedon several music projects in Austria, can be heard on variousrecordings and has also performed live on stage. Babsy has acquired a long list of film and TV appearances, but she ismostly known for her outstanding performances as a Marilyn Monroelook-alike. Babsy Artner is Austria's Marilyn Monroe. As a teenager it wasdiscovered that she not only looked like Marilyn, but could sing andact like the legendary movie star as well.

Since then Babsy is one ofthe most successful Marilyn look-alikes. She has impersonated Marilyn on television, in commercials, talk showsand countless stage shows. Babsy has also appeared as the star guest inseveral events like fashion shows, concerts and many other productions. Besides recording Marilyn's most famous songs for music projects andcommercial productions, Babsy hosted a TV show with Pat Boone inHollywood. Babsy's stage appearances have been well documented throughinterviews,newspaper articles and reviews.

She has also been featuredas the cover girl for advertisements, flyers and magazines. The well-known Austrian artist Arnulf Rainer used Babsy's photos posingas Marilyn for his canvases, that have been published in book calendarsand art catalogues. These pictures were showcased in the biggestinternational Marilyn Monroe exhibition in London and in various artexhibitions around the world. Babsy is fluent in two languages, German and English. She lives inVienna and Los Angeles.


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There is the list of movies, where Babsy Artner was taked part:
1 IIFA 2007 Backstage movie IIFA 2007 Backstage 2008 as Herself - Presenter
2 Azzurro movie Azzurro 1996 as Street Walker
3 Bride of the Wind movie Bride of the Wind 2001 as Lady
4 Comedian Harmonists movie Comedian Harmonists 1997 as Robert Biberti's Girlfriend
5 Ein fast perfekter Seitensprung movie Ein fast perfekter Seitensprung 1996 as Hotel Guest
6 Eine Liebe für den Frieden - Bertha von Suttner und Alfred Nobel movie Eine Liebe für den Frieden - Bertha von Suttner und Alfred Nobel 2014 as Housemaid Suttner
7 Ich begehre dich movie Ich begehre dich 1995 as Music Student
8 Jud Süss - Film ohne Gewissen movie Jud Süss - Film ohne Gewissen 2010 as Hotel Guest
9 Meine schöne Tochter movie Meine schöne Tochter 2004 as Party Guest
10 Princesse Marie movie Princesse Marie 2004 as French Maid
11 Sisi movie Sisi 2009 as Abigail
12 Spitzenleistung movie Spitzenleistung 1996 as Library Patron
13 The Eurovision Song Contest movie The Eurovision Song Contest 2015 as Herself - Marilyn
14 The Return of the Dancing Master movie The Return of the Dancing Master 2004 as Detective
15 Der Winzerkönig movie Der Winzerkönig 2005 as Stewardess
16 Die Patriarchin movie Die Patriarchin 2005 as High Society Lady
17 Friedemann Brix - Eine Schwäche für Mord movie Friedemann Brix - Eine Schwäche für Mord 1996 as Call Girl
18 Helden von morgen movie Helden von morgen 2010 as Marilyn
19 My Name Is movie My Name Is 2011 as Marilyn Monroe
20 Schade um Papa movie Schade um Papa 1995 as Customer
21 Tom Turbo movie Tom Turbo 1993 as Mona
22 Trautmann movie Trautmann 2000 as Bartender
There is the list of interview of Babsy Artner:
  • "Wiener Zeitung" (Austria), 29 August 2009, Vol. 1, Iss. 1, pg. 1, by: Thomas Hochwarter, "Bollywood Princess from Vienna is set for stardom"
  • "Woman" (Austria), 13 March 2009, Vol. 1, Iss. 6, pg. 318, by: Marlene Altenhofer, "Floridsdorf goes Bollywood"
  • "Kurier" (Austria), 9 February 2009, pg. 26, by: Roman Roznovsky, "The Bollywood-Babsy"
  • "Cineworld Unlimited Bollywood" (UK), 21 November 2008, Vol. 1, Iss. 2, pg. 15, by: Ashanti Omkar, "Babsy Artner - The Austrian Bollywood starlet"
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