Nina Arvesen

as Cassandra Hall in the movie The Bold and the Beautiful

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Was born at 16 May 1961 (now is 57 years old) in White Plains, New York, USA

Born on May 16, 1961 in White Plains, New York, USA to a Norwegiancareer diplomat and his former actress wife, Arvesen grew up all overthe world as a result of her father's international postings. Beforeshe made the decision to move back to the states in 1986 she had herown talk show in Norway for three years and had worked as an actress inEgypt, Brazil, Costa Rica and Norway. She had to start all over againas an actress when she came to the US but was eventually cast in the1987 movie Dragnet (1987) with 'Dan Aykroyd' and'Tom Hanks' . She got her big break when she was cast as themysterious Cassandra Rawlins on soap opera "The Young and the Restless" (1973) .

When her stint ended after3 years Arvesen went on to appear in the NBC soap opera "Santa Barbara" (1984) . Then, she retired from acting and openedher own dance studio in Santa Monica, California, as she is classicallytrained ballet dancer. .

There is some small facts about Nina Arvesen:
  • Speaks fluent Norwegian.
  • Nina Arvesen speaks six languages fluently Norwegian French German English Danish Swedish.
  • Nina has two brothers, Jannik Arvesen and Christian Arversen who works in film and special effects department in Los Angeles.
  • Nina Arvesen subtitled American films, ran a television, and opened up the county's first RCA/Motown affiliate in Norway. Her father was Jan Arvesen who worked in the Norways flight services and was also an ambassador for Foreign Affairs. Arvesen's mother's name is Sidsel, pronounced "sis-sell" Arvesen. Nina Arvesen mother was also a Norwegian actress in Norway.
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There is the list of movies, where Nina Arvesen was taked part:
1 The Bold and the Beautiful movie The Bold and the Beautiful 1987 as Cassandra Hall
2 The Young and the Restless movie The Young and the Restless 1973 as Cassandra Hall
3 Beach Fever movie Beach Fever 1987 as Decent girl 2
4 Dragnet movie Dragnet 1987 as Lady Motor Cop
5 Maniac Cop movie Maniac Cop 1988 as Regina Sheperd
6 Who Gets the Friends? movie Who Gets the Friends? 1988 as Inga
7 Now You See It movie Now You See It 1989 as Herself
8 Santa Barbara movie Santa Barbara 1984 as Angela Cassidy
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