Erin (I) Ashe

as Lokelani in the movie Runaway 2: Dream of the Turtle

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There is the list of movies, where Erin (I) Ashe was taked part:
1 Runaway 2: Dream of the Turtle movie Runaway 2: Dream of the Turtle 2006 as Lokelani
2 Airblade movie Airblade 2001 as Naomi
3 Champions Online movie Champions Online 2009 as Arcana/Gen. O'Connor, Witchcraft
4 Danger Girl movie Danger Girl 2000 as Abbey Chase
5 Das Schwarze Auge - Drakensang movie Das Schwarze Auge - Drakensang 2008 as Grazima/Morla/Gladys
6 Dungeon Lords movie Dungeon Lords 2004 as Ellowyn/Esmerelda/Mara/Sharia
7 Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter movie Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter 2013 as Yina Morradi
8 Evil Dead: Hail to the King movie Evil Dead: Hail to the King 2000 as Jenny
9 Iron Phoenix movie Iron Phoenix 2005 as Mia
10 Spellforce 2: Shadow Wars movie Spellforce 2: Shadow Wars 2006 as Avatar/additional voices
11 Spy Fiction movie Spy Fiction 2004 as Kelly Wong
12 Star Trek Online movie Star Trek Online 2010 as Doctor Rhian Cratak/female Bajoran delegate
13 Tabula Rasa movie Tabula Rasa 2007 as Avatar
14 TimeShift movie TimeShift 2007 as Dr. Lin
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