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Real name is Julie Ellen Gauthier
Was born at 5 October 1968 (now is 50 years old) in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Colorado-born Juli Ashton has the reputation of being a nice girl in anot-always-so-nice business. She graduated from Colorado StateUniversity with a degree in Spanish and History, working as a nightclubwaitress to put herself through college. She taught Spanish in a juniorhigh school for a year, but her striking looks and spectacular figureweren't meant to be cooped up in a classroom, and in 1990 she beganappearing in adult films. She has also had smaller roles in"mainstream" films, most notably in the'Trey Parker (I)' /'Matt Stone (I)' comedy Orgazmo (1997) , in which she played Steffi.

In addition to herfilm work, she has appeared as a model in many magazines and toured asan exotic dancer. Despite the pressures of the business she has beenin, she still manages to radiate a girl-next-door personality (she has,with some justification, been compared personality-wise to actress'Lisa Kudrow' ), and is an avid camper and a devotee of Mexicancuisine. Currently she is involved with a management group calledRisqué Business. .

There is some small facts about Juli Ashton:
  • Ran the Pikes Peak Ascent, a 13.5-mile race all uphill ending at 14,110 feet above sea level, in August 2002 and 2004.
  • Studied at the prestigious Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco, CA.
  • IQ: 137
  • Is an avid camper and a devotee of Mexican cuisine.
  • Prior to entering the adult movie industry, she taught Spanish at a junior high school.
  • Graduated from Colorado State University with degrees in Spanish and History.
  • Gave birth to a daughter on July 19, 2006.
  • (September 2003) Interviewed by the Los Angeles Times, as co-hostess of the Playboy Channel's "Night Calls" radio show (a radio version of the television program). She has co-hosted the show for a year now.
  • As of June 2005 she and her husband had moved from L.A. to Orlando, Florida. She is the CEO of Ashton View Promotions.
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There is the list of movies, where Juli Ashton was taked part:
1 Dirty Bobs Xcellent Adventures 30 movie Dirty Bobs Xcellent Adventures 30 1997 as Herself
2 Sorority Sex Kittens 3 movie Sorority Sex Kittens 3 1997 as Jennifer Brashett
3 Still Insatiable movie Still Insatiable 1999 as Taylor - Senator's Aide
4 The Devil in Miss Jones 6 movie The Devil in Miss Jones 6 1999 as Nurse Wratchet
5 The Secret Lives of Adult Stars movie The Secret Lives of Adult Stars 2004 as Herself
6 Wild On... movie Wild On... 1997 as Herself - Bikini Contest Judge
7 Adult Affairs movie Adult Affairs 1994 as Mistress
8 Basically Becca movie Basically Becca 2002 as Herself
9 Best Friends movie Best Friends 2000 as Julie
10 Black Boots movie Black Boots 1999 as Samatha the Boot Girl
11 Bliss movie Bliss 1999 as Carla
12 Car Wash Angels movie Car Wash Angels 1996 as Mary NMI, a.k.a. just plain Mary
13 Conquest movie Conquest 1996 as Lady Louise
14 Corporate Assets II movie Corporate Assets II 1997 as Jill Fields
15 Dark Garden movie Dark Garden 1999 as Detective Taylor
16 Deep Inside Juli Ashton movie Deep Inside Juli Ashton 1997 as Herself
17 Erotic Stars movie Erotic Stars 2003 as Herself
18 Essentially Dee movie Essentially Dee 2000 as Herself
19 Fluffy Cumsalot, Porn Star movie Fluffy Cumsalot, Porn Star 2003 as Herself
20 Gangland Bangers movie Gangland Bangers 1995 as Gloria
21 Latex movie Latex 1995 as T.V. Hostess
22 Loves Passion movie Loves Passion 1998 as Katherine & Kate
23 Masque movie Masque 1997 as Marci
24 Naked Ambition movie Naked Ambition 2000 as Julie
25 New Wave Hookers 5 movie New Wave Hookers 5 1997 as Miss Webster
26 Night Calls: The Movie movie Night Calls: The Movie 1998 as Juli
27 Night Calls: The Movie, Part 2 movie Night Calls: The Movie, Part 2 2000 as Juli
28 Older Women, Hotter Sex movie Older Women, Hotter Sex 2000 as Herself
29 Orgazmo movie Orgazmo 1997 as Saffi
30 Passion in Venice movie Passion in Venice 1995 as Juli
31 Peepshows 17: Orgy Express movie Peepshows 17: Orgy Express 2000 as Herself
32 Playboy: Sizzling Sex Stars movie Playboy: Sizzling Sex Stars 2003 as Herself
33 Playboy: The Story of X movie Playboy: The Story of X 1998 as Herself
34 Super Sexy Too movie Super Sexy Too 1999 as Juli
35 The Book of Orgazmo movie The Book of Orgazmo 2003 as Herself
36 The Butt Detective movie The Butt Detective 1995 as Emily
37 The Devil in Miss Jones 5: The Inferno movie The Devil in Miss Jones 5: The Inferno 1995 as Justine Jones
38 The Dinner Party movie The Dinner Party 1994 as Woman in kitchen
39 The Girl Next Door movie The Girl Next Door 1999 as Herself
40 The Wrong Snatch movie The Wrong Snatch 1997 as Phillipa Orifice
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The image of Julie Ellen Gauthier was on the covers of these magazines:
  • "Fox" (USA), June 2001, Vol. 19, Iss. 13
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There is the list of some quotes of Juli Ashton:
  • Everyone has the right to be advised, defended, consoled and encouraged--all in the belief that everyone is entitled to the pursuit of happiness.
  • I am quite proud [of my scenes and movies] because I don't act during the sex. I am pretty transparent with my emotions, so I can't fake things. I think that comes through in the movies that I am enjoying myself and having a fun time. I don't have to act.
  • I think that the adult industry and the people in it, walk a really fine line between responsibility and art. I tend to lean toward the responsibility side. I don't like violence and drama with my sex. There is enough drama in my real life. I don't need to watch it on screen. To me, sex is joy; it's funny; it's lighthearted; it should be fun, so I would prefer to do things like that rather than the mental deep, dark stuff. It just doesn't do anything for me.
  • [asked to describe what she was like growing up] I was a pretty straight-laced, nerdy kid. My mom was a teacher in the school district. I grew up there and knew all the teachers. It was a real small town so I got away with absolutely everything, but didn't do that much that needed getting away with. I was just a pretty mellow, do-what-I-was-told kid.
  • [asked about The Devil in Miss Jones 6 (1999) (V) , the adult video she made with 'Scott Schwartz (I)' ] It was a lot of fun. We worked with a lot of new people behind the scenes who weren't in the adult industry. It was fun to have them bring in their enthusiasm because they had never done anything like that. And Scotty was just so professional and it was really fun to act with him and he's a nice guy. It was a great movie.
  • [on whether the minimum age of 18 should be raised to enter the porn industry] Absolutely. It's such a life-altering career like no other, so the things you do when you are 18 will effect you for the rest of your life, so I don't think 18-year-olds know enough about themselves and know enough about the world to say, "I am going to shut this entire spectrum off," because it is. I mean, I could never go back to teaching. Who is going to let me hang out with their kids? We are all [the adult industry] opponents of child pornography and the fact is, that it's not like the kids would ever know. If the parents knew, it would be a huge scandal, so I have to write that off in my life. When you are 18, how do you know? And you're not experienced enough and you don't know what you want to be when you are 40...
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