Gertrude Astor

as Mrs. Lancaster in the movie A Darling in Buckskin

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Real name is Gertrude Irene Astor
Also known as Gertie
Was born at 9 November 1887 in Lakewood, Ohio, USA . Died at 9 November 1977, Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA (stroke)

The first actress to sign a contract with Universal in 1915, GertrudeAstor (born in Ohio as Gertrude Irene Astor) began her career playingtrombone and saxophone on a riverboat. Towering over most of herleading men at 5'11", she often played golddiggers, rich socialites ora leading lady's best friend in such one-reeled films and featurelength silents as Polly Redhead (1917) , The Price of a Good Time (1917) , The Girl Who Wouldn't Quit (1918) , The Lion Man (1919) ,'Mary Pickford' 's Through the Back Door (1921) , The Wall Flower (1922) , Alice Adams (1923) , The Ne'er-Do-Well (1911) , Stage Struck (1925) , The Boy Friend (1926) , Kiki (1926) , The Strong Man (1926) , Shanghaied (1927) , The Cat and the Canary (1927) and Uncle Tom's Cabin (1927) (as Little Eva's mother). The popularfemale stars she bolstered included Pickford, 'Norma Talmadge' ,'Gloria Swanson (I)' , 'Patsy Ruth Miller' ,'Colleen Moore (I)' , 'Shirley Mason (I)' , 'Olive Borden' and 'Laura La Plante' With the advent of sound, Astor's career continued, landing her in anumber of two-reel comedies, mostly with the 'Hal Roach (I)' studio and occasionally with 'Stan Laurel' and'Oliver Hardy' , the "Our Gang" gang and 'Charley Chase (I)' . "I've never been so embarrassed in all my life!" seemed to be one ofher most used lines in films.

Acting until the 1960s and often in bitparts (she once played a corpse in The Scarlet Claw (1944) , herlast movie bit was for 'John Ford (I)' in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962) . Astor often relayed herfilm memories to friends, fans and historians. At one point in hercareer she and actress 'Lilyan Tashman' , were known as the mostelegant and best dressed women in Hollywood. Astor died following astroke on her 90th birthday at the Motion Piture Home in WoodlandHills. .

There is some small facts about Gertrude Astor:
  • Played trombone on a Mississippi showboat.
  • Never married. When she died at age 90 in 1977, the only survivor was a godson, Rod Normond.
  • She was an Elks Club member and received an award in July of 1936 at their 72nd National Convention in Los Angeles.
  • Supposedly lost the lead role opposite 'Rudolph Valentino (I)' 's The Sheik (1921) because of her extreme height.
  • Extremely tall for her age (5'11"), she appeared mainly in second leads and support roles.
  • Actor 'Robert Edeson' convinced her to try films and introduced her to 'D.W. Griffith (I)' at Biograph Studios in which she appeared in Under Two Flags (1915) . One of the first actresses to work for sign a long term contract with Universal in 1915, one of her earliest films at the studio was the short The Shadows of Suspicion (1916) .
  • Performed in stock and minstrel shows throughout her teens before appearing in vaudeville.
  • According to Joe Collura in his in-depth Gertrude Astor article found on the pages of Classic Images (April, 2014), the actress ran away from home at the age of 12 and joined a musical troupe in the next town where she learned how to play the trombone and saxophone.
  • Born in Lakewood, Ohio on Lake Erie about five miles west of Cleveland. Was raised in Lima, Ohio, an industrial city.
  • A special tribute was paid to 87-year-old Gertrude Astor on September 30, 1975 at Universal Studios. Among those in attendance who spoke included 'George Cukor' , 'Allan Dwan' and 'Henry Hathaway' .
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There is the list of movies, where Gertrude Astor was taked part:
1 A Darling in Buckskin movie A Darling in Buckskin 1917 as Mrs. Lancaster
2 An Angel Comes to Brooklyn movie An Angel Comes to Brooklyn 1945 as Eva Tanguay
3 Around the World in Eighty Days movie Around the World in Eighty Days 1956 as Extra
4 Beyond the Rocks movie Beyond the Rocks 1922 as Morella Winmarleigh
5 Border Brigands movie Border Brigands 1935 as Big Six -Saloon Girl
6 Carnival Lady movie Carnival Lady 1933 as Zandra, Fortune Teller
7 Dantes Inferno movie Dantes Inferno 1935 as Concessionaire's Wife
8 Follow the Tracks movie Follow the Tracks 1917 as Gertrude - Lee's Wife
9 Girls of the Big House movie Girls of the Big House 1945 as Railroad Matron
10 Guest Wife movie Guest Wife 1945 as Outraged Woman in Night Club
11 Hold Back the Dawn movie Hold Back the Dawn 1941 as Young Woman in Bar
12 In Walked Charley movie In Walked Charley 1932 as Gertrude Henderson, Jackie's Mother
13 Laughing Ladies movie Laughing Ladies 1925 as The Married Man's Wife
14 Manhattan Monkey Business movie Manhattan Monkey Business 1935 as Gwendolyn, Surly Patron's Blonde Girlfriend
15 Misbehaving Husbands movie Misbehaving Husbands 1940 as Gossiping Friend
16 Our Relations movie Our Relations 1936 as Pirate's Club Customer
17 Postal Inspector movie Postal Inspector 1936 as Woman with Drumsticks
18 Rings on Her Fingers movie Rings on Her Fingers 1942 as Tall Woman Exiting Ladies Lounge
19 Scared Stiff movie Scared Stiff 1953 as Man with Spaghetti's Wife
20 The Girl Who Wouldnt Quit movie The Girl Who Wouldnt Quit 1918 as Stella Carter
21 The Great Sea Scandal movie The Great Sea Scandal 1918 as SeƱora Friola
22 The Irresistible Lover movie The Irresistible Lover 1927 as Dolly Carleton
23 The Price of a Good Time movie The Price of a Good Time 1917 as Mis Schyler
24 The Story of Seabiscuit movie The Story of Seabiscuit 1949 as Oscar's Wife
25 Vamping the Vamp movie Vamping the Vamp 1918 as Thedeska - the Vamp
26 Westward Ho, the Wagons! movie Westward Ho, the Wagons! 1956 as Wagon Woman
27 Lux Video Theatre movie Lux Video Theatre 1950 as Member of the Jury
28 $1000 a Touchdown movie #1000 a Touchdown 1939 as McGlen Wife
29 Fun on a Week-End movie Fun on a Week-End 1947 as Party Guest
30 3 Godfathers movie 3 Godfathers 1948 as Saloon Girl
31 A Place in the Sun movie A Place in the Sun 1951 as Bit Part
32 A Star Is Born movie A Star Is Born 1954 as Racetrack Spectator
33 A Startling Climax movie A Startling Climax 1917 as Margy Summers
34 A Woman of Affairs movie A Woman of Affairs 1928 as Party Guest
35 Again... Pioneers movie Again... Pioneers 1950 as Mrs. Irma Jans
36 Alice Adams movie Alice Adams 1923 as Mildred Palmer
37 All About Eve movie All About Eve 1950 as Sarah Siddons Awards Guest
38 All in a Nights Work movie All in a Nights Work 1961 as Shopper
39 All Over Town movie All Over Town 1937 as Mamie
40 Allotment Wives movie Allotment Wives 1945 as Marlyn
There is the list of some articles of Gertrude Astor:
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There is the list of some quotes of Gertrude Astor:
  • Books and personal contacts, coupled with travel, will give you an education that you cannot forget.
  • I am very proud. I thought life was over and Ishould just crawl into a corner and die. I have no family. I haven't a soul on earth to enjoy this with, but I'm going to do plenty of that." -- G.A., spoken during her tribute at a 1975 Universal Studios luncheon tribute.
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