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as Mrs. Rutherford in the movie CBS Afternoon Playhouse

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Was born at 22 April 1911 in Chicago, Illinois, USA . Died at 14 March 1986, Los Angeles, California, USA (cancer)

A respected stage actress, brunette Edith Atwater was another of thoseperformers who never quite managed to break into films. She was trainedat the American Laboratory Theatre and began her acting career at theage of eighteen. She was on Broadway from 1931, her carefully coiffedpatrician looks and mature manner rather suited to playing well-bredsocialites. Her first lead was in a forgotten comedy, "Springtime forHenry" (which has the singular distinction of having its title co-optedby 'Mel Brooks (I)' for The Producers (1967) as "Springtimefor Hitler").

However, better parts were in store: leads in hit playslike "The Country Wife" (1936), "Susan and God" (1937), "State of theUnion" (1945), and, her best role yet, as Maggie Cutler opposite'Monty Woolley' in "The Man Who Came to Dinner" (1939). 'Bette Davis' eventually got to star in the classic film version,whereas Edith had a just few inconsequential movie bits to show for inthe 30's. She didn't make an impact on screen until her role as'Henry Daniell' 's housekeeper Meg Cameron in 'Val Lewton' 'sbrilliant horror thriller The Body Snatcher (1945) . Nothing ofsubstance followed until much later, when she popped up as anindomitable, over-protective socialite mother in'William Castle' 's lurid psycho-thriller Strait-Jacket (1964) . For the most part, however, Edith wastypecast in maternal roles, or as nurses or secretaries which shealways played believably.

More often than not, we'd see her on thesmall screen, often in recurring roles as in the "Barefoot in the Park"lookalike "Love on a Rooftop" (1966) , Grace Morton in "Peyton Place" (1964) , or as Aunt Gertrude in "The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries" (1977) . Edith was married to actors 'Hugh Marlowe (I)' and'Kent Smith (I)' who both predeceased her. .

There is some small facts about Edith Atwater:
  • Stepmother of late husband, 'Kent Smith (I)' 's, daughter.
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There is the list of movies, where Edith Atwater was taked part:
1 CBS Afternoon Playhouse movie CBS Afternoon Playhouse 1978 as Mrs. Rutherford
2 Family Ties movie Family Ties 1982 as Gertrude 'Aunt Trudy' Harris
3 Pop Culture Beasts Halloween Horror Picks movie Pop Culture Beasts Halloween Horror Picks 2014 as Meg Cameron
4 The Alfred Hitchcock Hour movie The Alfred Hitchcock Hour 1962 as Mrs. Benner
5 C-Man movie C-Man 1949 as Lydia Brundage
6 Daddys Gone A-Hunting movie Daddys Gone A-Hunting 1969 as Hospital Desk Nurse
7 Die Sister, Die! movie Die Sister, Die! 1972 as Amanda Price
8 Family Plot movie Family Plot 1976 as Mrs. Clay
9 It Happened at the Worlds Fair movie It Happened at the Worlds Fair 1963 as Miss Steuben
10 Mackintosh and T.J. movie Mackintosh and T.J. 1975 as Mrs. Webster
11 Mean Dog Blues movie Mean Dog Blues 1978 as Linda's Mother
12 Mr. Sardonicus movie Mr. Sardonicus 1961 as Nurse
13 Norwood movie Norwood 1970 as Angry Bus Passenger
14 Our Time movie Our Time 1974 as Mrs. Margaret Pendleton
15 Pieces of Dreams movie Pieces of Dreams 1970 as Mrs. Lind (Gregory's Mother)
16 Stand Up and Be Counted movie Stand Up and Be Counted 1972 as Sophie
17 Strait-Jacket movie Strait-Jacket 1964 as Mrs. Alison Fields
18 Strange Bedfellows movie Strange Bedfellows 1965 as Mrs. Stevens
19 Sweet Bird of Youth movie Sweet Bird of Youth 1962 as Undetermined Minor Role
20 Sweet Smell of Success movie Sweet Smell of Success 1957 as Mary
21 Teresa movie Teresa 1951 as Mrs. Lawrence
22 The Body Snatcher movie The Body Snatcher 1945 as Meg Cameron
23 The Gorgeous Hussy movie The Gorgeous Hussy 1936 as Lady Vaughn
24 The Love Machine movie The Love Machine 1971 as Mary
25 True Grit movie True Grit 1969 as Mrs. Floyd
26 We Went to College movie We Went to College 1936 as Nina
27 Baretta movie Baretta 1975 as Mrs. Youngstein
28 Bonanza movie Bonanza 1959 as Roberta
29 Cinemassacres Monster Madness movie Cinemassacres Monster Madness 2007 as Meg Cameron
30 Decoy movie Decoy 1957 as Lily
31 Doc Elliot movie Doc Elliot 1973 as Emma Johnson
32 Dr. Kildare movie Dr. Kildare 1961 as Miss Thorton
33 Family movie Family 1976 as Judge Harmon
34 Hart to Hart movie Hart to Hart 1979 as Dr. Jane Barrett
35 Hazel movie Hazel 1961 as Edith Stoneham
36 Ironside movie Ironside 1967 as Miss Bryan
37 Judd for the Defense movie Judd for the Defense 1967 as Mrs. Buckley
38 Kaz movie Kaz 1978 as Illsa Fogel
39 Knots Landing movie Knots Landing 1979 as Dr. McCary
40 Love on a Rooftop movie Love on a Rooftop 1966 as Mrs. Hammond
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