Cécile Aubry

as Solotänzerin Nanon in the movie Tanz in der Sonne

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Real name is Anne-José Madeleine Henriette Bénard
Was born at 3 August 1928 in Paris, France . Died at 19 July 2010, Dourdan, Essonne, France (lung cancer)
There is some small facts about Cécile Aubry:
  • No doubt the immediate predecessor of 'Brigitte Bardot' as the French cinema's "sex kitten."
  • Mother of actor 'Mehdi El Glaoui'
  • After a brief movie career, she began writing children's books. Her best-known books are the "Belle et Sebastien" series, about an orphan boy and his dog in the French Alps. The books were the basis of a live-action French TV show, which starred Aubry's son.
  • Married to Si Brahim El Glaoui, son of the pasha of Marrakesh.
Also look some video clip about Cécile Aubry:
There is the list of movies, where Cécile Aubry was taked part:
1 Tanz in der Sonne movie Tanz in der Sonne 1954 as Solotänzerin Nanon
2 Barbe-Bleue movie Barbe-Bleue 1951 as Aline
3 Blaubart movie Blaubart 1951 as Aline
4 Cest arrivé à 36 chandelles movie Cest arrivé à 36 chandelles 1957 as Cécile Aubry
5 Henri-Georges Clouzot: Le tyran eclaire movie Henri-Georges Clouzot: Le tyran eclaire 2004 as Herself
6 La ironía del dinero movie La ironía del dinero 1957 as L'américaine
7 Manon movie Manon 1949 as Manon Lescaut
8 Spisok korabley movie Spisok korabley 2008 as Manon Lescaut
9 The Black Rose movie The Black Rose 1950 as Maryam
10 30 millions damis movie 30 millions damis 1976 as Herself
11 Histoires de fiction movie Histoires de fiction 2003 as Herself
12 Vivement dimanche movie Vivement dimanche 1998 as Herself
There is the list of interview of Cécile Aubry:
  • "Mon Film" (France), 28 June 1950, Iss. No. 201, pg. 8 - 9, by: Paule Marguy, "Cécile Aubry absout Manon et nous parle du mari idéal"
There is the list of some articles of Cécile Aubry:
  • "The Guardian" (UK), 31 July 2010, pg. Main - 35, by: Ronald Bergan, "Cécile Aubry obituary"
  • "The Independent" (UK), 31 July 2010, Iss. 7426, pg. 43, by: Pierre Perrone, "Obituaries: Cécile Aubry: French actress who went on to create the much-loved children's TV series 'Belle et Sébastien'"
There is the list of some printed articles of Anne-José Madeleine Henriette Bénard:
  • "The New York Times" (USA), 25 July 2010, Vol. CLIX, Iss. 55,112, pg. 22, by: Bruce Weber, "Obituaries"
The image of Anne-José Madeleine Henriette Bénard was on the covers of these magazines:
  • "Ralph Maria Siegel-Musik Edition" (West Germany), December 1954, Vol. ?, Iss. ?
  • "Mein Film" (Austria), 27 February 1953, Vol. 23, Iss. 9
  • "Quick" (West Germany), 25 February 1951, Iss. 8
  • "Life" (USA), 26 June 1950
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