Nola Augustson

as Marley Dean in the movie Happy Christmas, Miss King

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There is the list of movies, where Nola Augustson was taked part:
1 Happy Christmas, Miss King movie Happy Christmas, Miss King 1998 as Marley Dean
2 The Jesse Ventura Story movie The Jesse Ventura Story 1999 as Bernice Janos
3 The Last Christmas movie The Last Christmas 2010 as Margaret La Foret
4 The Sandy Bottom Orchestra movie The Sandy Bottom Orchestra 2000 as Charlotte
5 .45 movie .45 2006 as Gertie
6 A Killing Spring movie A Killing Spring 2002 as Margaret Kramer
7 A Lobster Tale movie A Lobster Tale 2006 as Ann Miller
8 Cinderella Man movie Cinderella Man 2005 as Relief Office Woman
9 Freak City movie Freak City 1999 as Evelyn Lissard
10 Gods New Plan movie Gods New Plan 1999 as Dr. Weinburg
11 Jewel movie Jewel 2001 as Mrs. Hamby
12 Master Spy: The Robert Hanssen Story movie Master Spy: The Robert Hanssen Story 2002 as Frances Wauck
13 Medium Raw: Night of the Wolf movie Medium Raw: Night of the Wolf 2010 as Karen
14 My Louisiana Sky movie My Louisiana Sky 2001 as Mrs. Thompson
15 On the 2nd Day of Christmas movie On the 2nd Day of Christmas 1997 as Miss Nichols
16 Out of the Ashes movie Out of the Ashes 2003 as Sarah Goldstein
17 Probable Cause movie Probable Cause 1994 as Sleep Talker
18 Sex, Lies & Obsession movie Sex, Lies & Obsession 2001 as Masseuse
19 Stolen Miracle movie Stolen Miracle 2001 as Margaret Whelmer
20 The Entitled movie The Entitled 2011 as Marsha Dynan
21 The Secret Path movie The Secret Path 1999 as School Teacher
22 The Wrong Girl movie The Wrong Girl 1999 as Mrs. Drake
23 Ultimate Deception movie Ultimate Deception 1999 as Elaine McThomas
24 Da Kink in My Hair movie Da Kink in My Hair 2007 as Aunt Pauline
25 At the Hotel movie At the Hotel 2006 as The Rich Woman
26 Blue Murder movie Blue Murder 2001 as Marie Cuthbert
27 Copper movie Copper 2012 as Dowager
28 Due South movie Due South 1994 as Mrs. Barrow
29 Falcone movie Falcone 2000 as Sister Mary Alice
30 Flashpoint movie Flashpoint 2008 as Mary Orston
31 Goosebumps movie Goosebumps 1995 as Mom Renfield
32 La Femme Nikita movie La Femme Nikita 1997 as Nurse Adder
33 Lost Girl movie Lost Girl 2010 as Mary Dennis
34 Michael: Tuesdays & Thursdays movie Michael: Tuesdays & Thursdays 2011 as Alice
35 Odyssey 5 movie Odyssey 5 2002 as Stern Woman
36 Pure Pwnage movie Pure Pwnage 2010 as Doug's Mom
37 Saving Hope movie Saving Hope 2012 as Shooter's Mother
38 The Eleventh Hour movie The Eleventh Hour 2002 as Gillian Sawyer
39 The Listener movie The Listener 2009 as Julie Naymark
40 This Is Wonderland movie This Is Wonderland 2004 as Lindsay
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