Vivian Austin

as Lorena Blendon Simms in the movie Philo Vance Returns

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Real name is Vivian Coe
Was born at 23 February 1920 in Hollywood, California, USA . Died at 1 August 2004, Los Angeles, California, USA (natural causes)

Health problems, which lead to blindness, forced Ms. Austin into earlyretirement from the motion picture business. A Palm Springs CAphysician, Dr. Ken Grow, managed to restore her sight and later theymarried.

Vivian Austin was a brown-haired, brown-eyed beauty queen; she had beenvoted "Miss Hollywood" in 1943 and was signed to a contract byUniversal Pictures. The studio saw that she got experience in many ofthe little theater groups around Los Angeles before putting her in herfirst film, Moonlight in Vermont (1943) . She made westerns,musicals and dramas for the studio before retiring from the screenbecause of health problems. .

There is some small facts about Vivian Austin:
  • Voted "Miss Hollywood" prior to entering movies.
  • Received theatrical experience in "little theater" groups before making movies.
  • Nearly died from kidney failure in the 1940s. She also had debilitating eye problems from which she suffered the rest of her life until her sight was improved by Dr. Kenneth Grow, who eventually became her second husband.
  • Once an 'Earl Carroll (I)' "Vanity Girl".
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There is the list of movies, where Vivian Austin was taked part:
1 Philo Vance Returns movie Philo Vance Returns 1947 as Lorena Blendon Simms
2 Adventures of Red Ryder movie Adventures of Red Ryder 1940 as Beth Andrews
3 Born to Speed movie Born to Speed 1947 as Toni Bradley
4 Boss of Boomtown movie Boss of Boomtown 1944 as Dale Starr
5 Cobra Woman movie Cobra Woman 1944 as Handmaiden
6 Destiny movie Destiny 1944 as Phyllis Prager
7 Fired Wife movie Fired Wife 1943 as Divorcee
8 Hi, Good Lookin! movie Hi, Good Lookin! 1944 as Phyllis
9 Honeymoon Ahead movie Honeymoon Ahead 1945 as Rosita
10 Love, Honor and Behave movie Love, Honor and Behave 1938 as Party Guest
11 Men Are Such Fools movie Men Are Such Fools 1938 as Nancy Sinclair
12 Men in Her Diary movie Men in Her Diary 1945 as Linda
13 Moon Over Las Vegas movie Moon Over Las Vegas 1944 as Grace Towers
14 Moonlight in Vermont movie Moonlight in Vermont 1943 as Brenda Allenby
15 Night Club Girl movie Night Club Girl 1945 as Eleanor Kendall
16 Philo Vances Gamble movie Philo Vances Gamble 1947 as Laurian March
17 She Gets Her Man movie She Gets Her Man 1945 as Maybelle Clark
18 Sing a Jingle movie Sing a Jingle 1944 as Ann
19 Stepchild movie Stepchild 1947 as Millie Lynne
20 T-Men movie T-Men 1947 as Genevieve
21 The Goldwyn Follies movie The Goldwyn Follies 1938 as 'Gorgeous' Goldwyn Girl
22 The Singing Sheriff movie The Singing Sheriff 1944 as Showgirl
23 Trigger Trail movie Trigger Trail 1944 as Ann Cattlet
24 Twilight on the Prairie movie Twilight on the Prairie 1944 as Sally Barton
25 Yankee Doodle Dandy movie Yankee Doodle Dandy 1942 as Pianist
There is the list of some articles of Vivian Austin:
  • "The Los Angeles Times" (USA), 12 August 2004, by: From Times Staff and Wire Reports, "Vivian Grow, 84; Pageant Winner Was B-Movie Actress"
There is the list of some printed articles of Vivian Coe:
  • "Yank" (USA), 9 November 1945
There is the list of some quotes of Vivian Austin:
  • [on 'Don 'Red' Barry' , her co-star in Adventures of Red Ryder (1940) ] He had such a temper! He would walk off the set--often! Stopping production just because he disagreed with Bill Witney [director 'William Witney' ], or somebody, about some minor thing. I don't like saying negative things about the departed, but he wasn't a very nice fellow when we worked together.
  • [on 'Rod Cameron' , with whom she made several westerns at Universal Pictures] Rod was the exact opposite of ['Don 'Red' Barry' ]. Rod never lost his temper. He was very serious; very quiet. I liked him a lot.
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