Aurore Auteuil

as La patiente de Catherine in the movie Nathalie...

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There is some small facts about Aurore Auteuil:
  • Aurore is the daughter of the famous French actor 'Daniel Auteuil' , with whom she played in 'Olivier Marchal' 's 36 Quai des Orfèvres (2004) . She was born in 1980 to 'Anne Jousset' .
  • Gave birth to her first child, a boy named Manon Chatras, in 2009.
Also look some video clip about Aurore Auteuil:
There is the list of movies, where Aurore Auteuil was taked part:
1 Nathalie... movie Nathalie... 2003 as La patiente de Catherine
2 Avocats & associés movie Avocats & associés 1998 as Juliette Jeanson
3 36 Quai des Orfèvres movie 36 Quai des Orfèvres 2004 as Lola Vrinks (17 ans)
4 Ange de feu movie Ange de feu 2006 as Carine Cabrel
5 Backstage movie Backstage 2005 as Pamela
6 Comme ty es belle! movie Comme ty es belle! 2006 as Carole
7 Confidences trop intimes movie Confidences trop intimes 2004 as The Student Nabokov
8 Lamour dans le sang movie Lamour dans le sang 2008 as Florence
9 La troupe dun soir movie La troupe dun soir 2013 as Herself
10 Le placard movie Le placard 2001 as Girl at restaurant
11 Les soeurs fâchées movie Les soeurs fâchées 2004 as L'hôtesse accueil éditeur
12 Au Field de la nuit movie Au Field de la nuit 2008 as Herself
13 C à vous movie C à vous 2009 as Herself
14 Chat bleu, chat noir movie Chat bleu, chat noir 2007 as Gina
15 Chez Maupassant movie Chez Maupassant 2007 as Arlette Doucet
16 Julie Lescaut movie Julie Lescaut 1992 as Valérie
17 Ma plus belle émotion de tournage movie Ma plus belle émotion de tournage 2008 as Herself
18 Nicolas Le Floch movie Nicolas Le Floch 2008 as Madame Adélaïde
19 P.J. movie P.J. 1997 as Sophie
20 Tempêches tout le monde de dormir movie Tempêches tout le monde de dormir 2006 as Herself
21 Vivement dimanche movie Vivement dimanche 1998 as Herself
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