Natalin Avci

as Hooker in the movie The Divide Between Love and Breath

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Natalin's first view of the world was the light blue interior of herfather's classic white Chevy Nova. The surprises for the Avci familygrew when they realized the son they had planned for was infact a babygirl. Natalin held no grudges with her parents and took life with astride. Baby Natalin loved entertaining family and friends by gettingon top of the dinner table and singing, "Mavi Mavi" (An Iconic Turkishsong).

Unfortunately or fortunately, she no longer sings. Fast forward, after graduating from a California State University theirony in her life continued. And she realized her place was not in thebusiness world. Soon after she found herself in front of the camera,but modeling left her unsatisfied. She had her aha moment whileremembering what she felt when she watched Othello in college.

Eversince, Natalin has jumped in with both feet and continues to developher craft as an actress. She hasn't looked back. .

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There is the list of movies, where Natalin Avci was taked part:
1 The Divide Between Love and Breath movie The Divide Between Love and Breath 2013 as Hooker
2 Beyond Justice movie Beyond Justice 2014 as Erin
3 Perfect Combination movie Perfect Combination 2010 as Shellee
4 Salary Is Not Enough movie Salary Is Not Enough 2013 as Pilot
5 Dating Savannah Love movie Dating Savannah Love 2014 as Marisa
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