Natalia Avelon

as Anastasia Poplovov in the movie Drunter & Brüder

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Real name is Natalia Siwek
Was born at 29 March 1980 (now is 38 years old) in Wroclaw, Dolnoslaskie, Poland
There is some small facts about Natalia Avelon:
  • Sang a remake of 'Lee Hazlewood' and 'Nancy Sinatra (I)' 's "Summer Wine" with 'Ville Valo' for the soundtrack of Das wilde Leben (2007) .
  • Born in Poland, but grew up in Ettlingen, Germany.
  • German citizen.
  • After her mother had sent 'Gunter Sachs' photos of 12-year-old Natalia, the billionaire and photographer invited her to a photo shooting.
  • Friends with 'Ludmila Diakovska' and 'Uschi Obermaier' whom she plays in "Das wilde Leben".
  • Did athletic sports as a schoolgirl.
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There is the list of movies, where Natalia Avelon was taked part:
1 Drunter & Brüder movie Drunter & Brüder 2015 as Anastasia Poplovov
2 Kommissar LaBréa - Todesträume am Montparnasse movie Kommissar LaBréa - Todesträume am Montparnasse 2010 as Dr. Hélène Clément
3 80 Minutes movie 80 Minutes 2008 as Mona
4 Absturz movie Absturz 2012 as Natalia
5 Alles inklusive movie Alles inklusive 2014 as Ingrid jung
6 Das Echo der Schuld movie Das Echo der Schuld 2009 as Liz Alby
7 Das wilde Leben movie Das wilde Leben 2007 as Uschi Obermaier
8 Der Club der grünen Witwen movie Der Club der grünen Witwen 2001 as Kerstin Riemer
9 Der Schuh des Manitu movie Der Schuh des Manitu 2001 as Uschi als Teenager (extended edition)
10 Der weiße Hirsch movie Der weiße Hirsch 2002 as Lola
11 Far Cry movie Far Cry 2008 as Katia Chernov
12 Fünf-Sterne-Kerle inklusive movie Fünf-Sterne-Kerle inklusive 2006 as Lilly
13 Gegengerade movie Gegengerade 2011 as Natascha
14 Kreutzer kommt movie Kreutzer kommt 2010 as Rike Prenn
15 Oh Shit! movie Oh Shit! 2010 as Frau Klink
16 So ein Schlamassel movie So ein Schlamassel 2009 as Jil Grüngras
17 Wunderkinder movie Wunderkinder 2011 as Rachel Brodsky
18 Beckmann movie Beckmann 1999 as Herself
19 Bewegte Männer movie Bewegte Männer 2003 as Jenny
20 Böser Wolf movie Böser Wolf 2016 as Evelyn
21 Commissario Laurenti movie Commissario Laurenti 2006 as Alba Guerra
22 Der Bulle von Tölz movie Der Bulle von Tölz 1996 as Verkäuferin
23 Der Kriminalist movie Der Kriminalist 2006 as Tamara Grigic
24 Die Bergretter movie Die Bergretter 2009 as Silke zu Hanstedt
25 Die Harald Schmidt Show movie Die Harald Schmidt Show 2011 as Herself
26 Ein Fall für zwei movie Ein Fall für zwei 1981 as Dunja
27 Götter wie wir movie Götter wie wir 2012 as Eva
28 III nach neun movie III nach neun 1974 as Herself
29 Mord in bester Gesellschaft movie Mord in bester Gesellschaft 2007 as Clara Silberberg
30 Mordkommission Istanbul movie Mordkommission Istanbul 2008 as Leyla Ertem
31 Na krawedzi movie Na krawedzi 2013 as Inga Kruger
32 Przypadki Cezarego P. movie Przypadki Cezarego P. 2015 as Marlena
33 Rosa Roth movie Rosa Roth 1994 as Simone
34 Rosamunde Pilcher movie Rosamunde Pilcher 1993 as Hannah Canning
35 SOKO Donau movie SOKO Donau 2005 as Lorelei
36 SOKO München movie SOKO München 1978 as Tatjana Baumann
37 Strike Back movie Strike Back 2010 as Marianna
38 Tatort movie Tatort 1970 as Kirsten Tomaschek
39 Verbotene Liebe movie Verbotene Liebe 1995 as Janina Kirsch
40 am Sonntag movie am Sonntag 2001 as Herself
There is the list of some printed articles of Natalia Siwek:
  • "Celebrity Skin" (USA), January 2009, Vol. 31, Iss. 186, pg. 18-19, by: n/a, "Hottest Fresh Flesh: Natalia Avelon"
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