Giordona Aviv

as Flight Attendant in the movie Celebrity Close Calls

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There is some small facts about Giordona Aviv:
  • Holds a black belt in Judo.
  • She won two national writing awards in Montenegro - at the age of 13 and at the age of 21.The short story she wrote at 13 is being included, to this day, in the official reading material for middle schools in Montenegro with the purpose of helping children choose their future profession.
  • Awarded by a child care organization called "Children's Alliance" for her outstanding volunteer work with underprivileged children and children from war torn countries. Starting at the age of 13, she volunteered with the organization for 7 years.
  • Skipped a senior year in high-school after being accepted to a prestigious Montenegrin college which takes only 6-12 students every 4 years. Year later, did not go to prom because she couldn't miss her acting class.
Also look some video clip about Giordona Aviv:
There is the list of movies, where Giordona Aviv was taked part:
1 Celebrity Close Calls movie Celebrity Close Calls 2010 as Flight Attendant
2 Breathe In movie Breathe In 2013 as Bartender
3 Keep the Party Going movie Keep the Party Going 2012 as Gabrielle
4 Socovetous movie Socovetous 2011 as Karen
5 Are We There Yet? movie Are We There Yet? 2010 as Waitress
6 Bear Swamp Recovery movie Bear Swamp Recovery 2011 as Eva Sash
7 Becoming Ricardo movie Becoming Ricardo 2012 as Vivian Vox
8 Broad City movie Broad City 2014 as Evgeniya
9 Dates from Hell movie Dates from Hell 2012 as Keri Potts
10 School Spirits movie School Spirits 2011 as Bloody Woman
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