Monia Ayachi

as Shaima in the movie Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall

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Monia Ayachi is an LA based actress recurring on "General Hospital". Sheactively works in TV and film, locally and internationally. She wroteand produced the mini-Series "Mademoiselle Emmanuelle". Monia is mainlya Euro-Mediterranean mix, along with other nationalities.

She is whatone may call : "ethnically ambiguous". She speaks five languages:French, Dutch, English, Spanish and Arabic. .

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There is the list of movies, where Monia Ayachi was taked part:
1 Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall movie Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall 2013 as Shaima
2 Mademoiselle Emmanuelle movie Mademoiselle Emmanuelle 2013 as Emmanuelle Nancy
3 Bobo Noir movie Bobo Noir 2014 as Soleil Rockefeller
4 Game Face movie Game Face 2013 as Casting Director
5 Pink Tulips movie Pink Tulips 2015 as Nadia Benazzi
6 S.A.A. movie S.A.A. 2013 as Suzie
7 The Last Show movie The Last Show 2009 as Marianne
8 The Mistress movie The Mistress 2009 as Mistress
9 Days of Our Lives movie Days of Our Lives 1965 as Nurse
10 French in the City movie French in the City 2015 as Monica
11 General Hospital movie General Hospital 1963 as Nurse Sarah
12 The Bar movie The Bar 2015 as Isabella
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