Krista Ayne

as Dancer (segment "Outta Control") in the movie 50 Cent: The Massacre - Special Edition

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Real name is Krista A. Truglio
Was born at 30 July 1982 (now is 36 years old) in New York City, New York, USA

Lovely, sexy, and slender brunette stunner Krista Ayne was born on July30, 1982 in New York City. Krista first started modeling at age nine. She played the female lead in a grade school production of "Fiddler onthe Roof. " Ayne got her first substantial breakthrough modeling job forRedken at age nineteen; among the other major brands she has done printand commercials bookings for are Verizon, Azzure Jeans, Becks Beer, andPaco Jeans.

Krista was the Pet of the Month in the April, 2006 issue of"Penthouse" and a runner-up for Pet of the Year in 2007. She has gracedthe covers of such notable publications as "Rolling Stone," "Steppin'Out," "Penthouse," and "Guitar World. " Ayne hosted both the popularFuse TV program "Pants-Off Dance-Off" and her own show for Spike TV'slate night strip entitled "Bikini Pool Shark. " Krista has appeared asherself on the TV series "The Daily Show," "Happy Hour," and "TheHoward Stern Show. " Moreover, she has not only acted in a handful offilms that include "Kettle of Fish," "Bad Biology," "Still a TeenMovie," "The Lodger," and "The Bleeding," but also had a recurring roleas Maya on the cable TV series "Life on Top.

" In addition, Ayne hasbeen featured in music videos for such artists as 50 Cent, JesseMcCartney, Devin Lima, Bon Jovi, and Semi Precious Weapons. Kristalives in New York City. Actress and model Krista Ayne is a ubiquitous presence in television,film and print, beginning as a 19-year-old model for Redken andbranching out into numerous mediums showcasing her diverse range. Fans of Fuse TV's popular "Pants Off Dance Off" and "10 Great Reasons"or Spike TV's "Bikini Pool Shark" will instantly recognize host Ayne,who has also appeared on "The Howard Stern Show," "The Daily Show," FoxBusiness News and MTV. In addition to feature roles in such independentfilms as Roger's Number, The Bleeding and The Lodger, Ayne was tappedto play one of four lead roles in Cinemax's coming of age drama "Lifeon Top.

"Ayne is also no stranger to music videos. A veteran of the medium, theItalian-American actress most notably appeared in rapper PittsburghSlim's "Girls Kiss Girls," racking up a staggering 7 million views onYouTube and becoming a viral sensation. As the lead in JesseMcCartney's "Beautiful Soul" video, Ayne helped propel the video to thetop of MTV's "TRL" countdown, where it remained a top ten video forfifty consecutive weeks. The actress has also appeared in videos foreveryone from 50 Cent and Usher to Lady Gaga and Bon Jovi. But before all that, the New York native quickly rocketed to the top ofthe modeling field, landing on 13 magazine covers, including Smooth,where the model was photographed by 50 Cent, and an infamous RollingStone cover with Kid Rock.

Ayne has also appeared in Playboy andPenthouse, appearing on the latter's cover three times and earning Petof the Month and Pet of the Year Runner-Up titles. Ayne's modelingcareer has included countless print and commercial bookings for majorbrands, including Verizon, Azzure Denim, Beck's Beer and Paco Jeans aswell as editorial spreads in Complex, Details, Esquire, King and manyothers. Krista Ayne is a classic renaissance woman, able to sexily appear on amagazine cover in the morning, shoot a music video in the afternoon andfilm a television show or film that evening. While her peers coast byon looks, Ayne's unyielding dedication and grueling, yet rewarding,work ethic, has allowed the sexy actress to pursue her goals inmultiple fields. And this is only the beginning.


There is some small facts about Krista Ayne:
  • Penthouse Magazine Pet of the Month, April 2006.
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There is the list of movies, where Krista Ayne was taked part:
1 50 Cent: The Massacre - Special Edition movie 50 Cent: The Massacre - Special Edition 2005 as Dancer (segment "Outta Control")
2 Abnormal Attraction movie Abnormal Attraction 2016 as Anna the Alien
3 Bad Biology movie Bad Biology 2008 as Woman in Penthouse
4 Catch of the Day movie Catch of the Day 2013 as Georgia
5 Eyes Find Eyes movie Eyes Find Eyes 2011 as Femme du m├ętro
6 Grand Theft Auto V movie Grand Theft Auto V 2013 as Juliet
7 Halloween Awakening: The Legacy of Michael Myers movie Halloween Awakening: The Legacy of Michael Myers 2012 as Tina
8 Kettle of Fish movie Kettle of Fish 2006 as Seductive Neighbor
9 Killer Eyes movie Killer Eyes 2012 as Woman
10 Kiss and Tail: The Hollywood Jumpoff movie Kiss and Tail: The Hollywood Jumpoff 2009 as Herself
11 Pauly Shores Vegas Is My Oyster movie Pauly Shores Vegas Is My Oyster 2011 as Dancer
12 Rockaway movie Rockaway 2007 as Zoe
13 Rogers Number movie Rogers Number 2011 as Cassandra
14 She Wolf movie She Wolf 2014 as She Wolf
15 Still a Teen Movie movie Still a Teen Movie 2009 as Julie
16 The Bleeding movie The Bleeding 2009 as Factory Girl 1
17 The Chronicles of Elijah Sincere movie The Chronicles of Elijah Sincere 2013 as Elijah Sincere
18 The Lodger movie The Lodger 2009 as First Slender Woman
19 Things That Can Kill You movie Things That Can Kill You 2011 as Sandra
20 While Henry Sleeps movie While Henry Sleeps 2012 as Angie
21 10 Great Reasons movie 10 Great Reasons 2008 as Herself
22 Badass! movie Badass! 2010 as Badass Girl
23 Howard Stern on Demand movie Howard Stern on Demand 2005 as Herself
24 Howard Stern movie Howard Stern 1994 as Herself
25 Life on Top movie Life on Top 2009 as Maya
26 Pants-Off Dance-Off movie Pants-Off Dance-Off 2006 as Host
27 The Daily Show movie The Daily Show 1996 as Herself
28 Z Rock movie Z Rock 2008 as Rocker Chick
There is the list of interview of Krista Ayne:
  • "Steppin' Out" (USA), 27 April 2007
There is the list of some printed articles of Krista A. Truglio:
  • "Penthouse" (USA), April 2006, "Pet of the Month"
The image of Krista A. Truglio was on the covers of these magazines:
  • "Rolling Stone" (USA), 3 October 2007
  • "Penthouse" (USA), August 2007
  • "Steppin' Out" (USA), 25 April 2007
  • "Penthouse" (USA), April 2006
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