Rakie Ayola

as Talking Drum in the movie The Secret Laughter of Women

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Was born at 1968 (now is 51 years old) in Cardiff, Wales, UK
There is some small facts about Rakie Ayola:
  • Has two daughters.
  • Is married to actor Adam Smethurst.
  • Rakie gave birth to second daughter on 5 January 2009.
Also look some video clip about Rakie Ayola:
There is the list of movies, where Rakie Ayola was taked part:
1 The Secret Laughter of Women movie The Secret Laughter of Women 1999 as Talking Drum
2 Dredd movie Dredd 2012 as Chief Judge
3 Going Underground: A Better Life Than Mine movie Going Underground: A Better Life Than Mine 1993 as Lauren
4 Green-Eyed Monster movie Green-Eyed Monster 2002 as Leila
5 Mm-Hm movie Mm-Hm 2015 as Lisa
6 Now Is Good movie Now Is Good 2012 as Phillippa
7 Persephones Playground movie Persephones Playground 2001 as Mother
8 Sahara movie Sahara 2005 as Mrs. Nwokolo
9 The I Inside movie The I Inside 2004 as Nurse Clayton
10 Under Milk Wood movie Under Milk Wood 2014 as Voice
11 Being April movie Being April 2002 as Taneshia
12 Black Mirror movie Black Mirror 2011 as Shelly
13 Canterbury Tales movie Canterbury Tales 2003 as Nicky Constable
14 Casualty movie Casualty 1986 as Karen Goddard
15 Children in Need movie Children in Need 1980 as Kyla Tyson
16 Code of a Killer movie Code of a Killer 2015 as Helena Adarkwa
17 Coming Up movie Coming Up 2003 as Mojisola
18 Doctor Who Confidential movie Doctor Who Confidential 2005 as Herself
19 Doctor Who movie Doctor Who 2005 as The Hostess
20 Double Yellow movie Double Yellow 2001 as Presenter
21 EastEnders movie EastEnders 1985 as Ms. French
22 Holby City movie Holby City 1999 as Kyla Tyson
23 Londons Burning movie Londons Burning 1988 as Nina
24 Maisie Raine movie Maisie Raine 1998 as D.C. Helen Tomlin
25 Midsomer Murders movie Midsomer Murders 1997 as Alice Winning
26 Murder in Mind movie Murder in Mind 2001 as Cally
27 My Almost Famous Family movie My Almost Famous Family 2009 as Shalondra
28 Ready, Steady, Cook movie Ready, Steady, Cook 1994 as Herself
29 Scarlett movie Scarlett 1994 as Pansy
30 Screen Two movie Screen Two 1985 as Gabriel Angel
31 Sea of Souls movie Sea of Souls 2004 as Yemi
32 Silent Witness movie Silent Witness 1996 as Annie Farmer
33 Soldier Soldier movie Soldier Soldier 1991 as Bernie Roberts
34 Stella movie Stella 2012 as Hilary
35 Tiger Bay movie Tiger Bay 1997 as Helen
36 Vera movie Vera 2011 as Amber Haleford
37 Waking the Dead movie Waking the Dead 2000 as Pauline
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