Leah Ayres

as Herself in the movie Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour

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Real name is Simpson, Leah
Was born at 28 May 1957 (now is 61 years old) in Baltimore, Maryland, USA
There is some small facts about Leah Ayres:
  • She grew up in the Roland Park section of Baltimore.
  • Retired from acting, she now teaches and produces creativity and imagination building materials for children.
  • Co-founder of Imaginazium, LLC.
  • Received her M.A. from Pacific Oaks College in Pasadena, California, in 1996.
  • Appeared in some of the late 1970s, early 1980s Darci Doll catalogs wearing real life versions of the doll's fashions.
  • Is a graduate of the elite Roland Park Country (school).
  • Leah Ayres and her husband, 'Bruce Kalish' , had a son, Mackenzie Austin Kalish, who was born on June 21, 1993. Bruce Kalish is a writer and producer, and the child's paternal grandparents are the writers 'Austin Kalish' and 'Irma Kalish' .
  • Sister-in-law of 'Nancy Kalish Biederman' .
  • (June 2005) Teaching and operating a for-children company called Imaginazium.
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There is the list of movies, where Leah Ayres was taked part:
1 Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour movie Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour 1983 as Herself
2 The Journey of Allen Strange movie The Journey of Allen Strange 1997 as Ms. Symonds
3 All That Jazz movie All That Jazz 1979 as Nurse Capobianco
4 Bloodsport movie Bloodsport 1988 as Janice Kent
5 Dead Ringer movie Dead Ringer 1981 as Waitress
6 Eddie Macons Run movie Eddie Macons Run 1983 as Chris
7 Hot Child in the City movie Hot Child in the City 1987 as Rachel Wagner
8 Mother and Me, M.D. movie Mother and Me, M.D. 1979 as Barrie Tucker
9 Police Story: The Watch Commander movie Police Story: The Watch Commander 1988 as Nancy Morgan
10 Summer Camp Nightmare with Leah Ayres movie Summer Camp Nightmare with Leah Ayres 2013 as Herself
11 The Burning movie The Burning 1981 as Michelle
12 The Player movie The Player 1992 as Sandy
13 Velvet movie Velvet 1984 as Cass Dayton
14 Were Puttin on the Ritz movie Were Puttin on the Ritz 1986 as Micki Cline
15 Y Yoga Movie movie Y Yoga Movie 2008 as Leah Kalish
16 1st & Ten movie 1st & Ten 1984 as Jill Schrader
17 21 Jump Street movie 21 Jump Street 1987 as Susan Chadwick
18 9 to 5 movie 9 to 5 1982 as Linda Bowman
19 Baby Talk movie Baby Talk 1991 as Lois Herman
20 Capital News movie Capital News 1990 as Stephanie Sellars
21 E! True Hollywood Story movie E! True Hollywood Story 1996 as Herself
22 Fantasy Island movie Fantasy Island 1977 as Lauren Spenser
23 Finder of Lost Loves movie Finder of Lost Loves 1984 as Stacey Barnes
24 Freddys Nightmares movie Freddys Nightmares 1988 as Roxanne Wodehouse
25 Hotel movie Hotel 1983 as Jill
26 I Married a Princess movie I Married a Princess 2005 as Herself
27 Love of Life movie Love of Life 1951 as Christy Bringham (1979)
28 Married with Children movie Married with Children 1987 as Betty
29 P.S.I. Luv U movie P.S.I. Luv U 1991 as Nicole Benton
30 Raven movie Raven 1992 as Ellen
31 Sliders movie Sliders 1995 as Darla
32 St. Elsewhere movie St. Elsewhere 1982 as Mona Polito
33 The A-Team movie The A-Team 1983 as Jenny Olsen
34 The Bradys movie The Bradys 1990 as Marcia Brady Logan
35 The Edge of Night movie The Edge of Night 1956 as Valerie Bryson (1981-1983)
36 The Love Boat movie The Love Boat 1977 as Nancy Sidon
37 The Oldest Rookie movie The Oldest Rookie 1987 as Nina Zaga
38 Too Close for Comfort movie Too Close for Comfort 1980 as Jennifer
39 Walker, Texas Ranger movie Walker, Texas Ranger 1993 as Tara Flynn
40 Whos the Boss? movie Whos the Boss? 1984 as Pam
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