Lubna Azabal

as Herself - Best Actress Winner in the movie 31st Annual Genie Awards

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Was born at Brussels (now is 48 years old) in Belgium
There is some small facts about Lubna Azabal:
  • 2004: Named as one of European films' Shooting Stars by European Film Promotion.
Also look some video clip about Lubna Azabal:
There is the list of movies, where Lubna Azabal was taked part:
1 31st Annual Genie Awards movie 31st Annual Genie Awards 2011 as Herself - Best Actress Winner
2 Des vents contraires movie Des vents contraires 2011 as La mère de Yamine
3 Le repaire de la vouivre movie Le repaire de la vouivre 2011 as Élodie Casta
4 24 mesures movie 24 mesures 2007 as Helly
5 25 degrés en hiver movie 25 degrés en hiver 2004 as Loubna
6 Aram movie Aram 2002 as Méliné
7 Bajo el mismo cielo movie Bajo el mismo cielo 2008 as Fatiha
8 Betelgeuse movie Betelgeuse 2016 as Sarah
9 Body of Lies movie Body of Lies 2008 as Aisha's Sister Cala
10 Comme les cinq doigts de la main movie Comme les cinq doigts de la main 2010 as Amel Zeroual
11 Coriolanus movie Coriolanus 2011 as First Citizen (Tamora)
12 Disney Ramallah movie Disney Ramallah 2014 as Samira
13 Exils movie Exils 2004 as Naima
14 Gamines movie Gamines 2009 as Angela Di Biaggio
15 Goodbye Morocco movie Goodbye Morocco 2012 as Dounia
16 In the Last Moment movie In the Last Moment 2011 as Waitress
17 Incendies movie Incendies 2010 as Nawal Marwan
18 Jadore le cinéma movie Jadore le cinéma 1998 as Saïda
19 La marche movie La marche 2013 as Kheira
20 La source des Sarrazins movie La source des Sarrazins 2002 as Nadia
21 Les hommes libres movie Les hommes libres 2011 as Leila
22 Les siestes Grenadine movie Les siestes Grenadine 1999 as Mabrouka
23 Les temps qui changent movie Les temps qui changent 2004 as Nadia/Aïcha
24 Light Thereafter movie Light Thereafter 2016 as Soumaya
25 Loin movie Loin 2001 as Sarah
26 Moi tout seul movie Moi tout seul 2012 as Mother
27 Paradise Now movie Paradise Now 2005 as Suha
28 Reprieve movie Reprieve 2014 as Grace
29 Rock the Casbah movie Rock the Casbah 2013 as Kenza
30 Tout le monde descend movie Tout le monde descend 2011 as Leila El Fassi
31 Un jour dans la vie du cinéma français movie Un jour dans la vie du cinéma français 2002 as Herself
32 Un monde presque paisible movie Un monde presque paisible 2002 as Jacqueline
33 Une chaîne pour deux movie Une chaîne pour deux 2009 as Corinne
34 Une minute de soleil en moins movie Une minute de soleil en moins 2002 as Touria
35 Ustica: The Missing Paper movie Ustica: The Missing Paper 2016 as Valja
36 Viva Laldjérie movie Viva Laldjérie 2004 as Goucem
37 + de cinéma movie + de cinéma 2001 as Herself
38 20h10 pétantes movie 20h10 pétantes 2003 as Herself
39 Comme au cinéma movie Comme au cinéma 1998 as Herself
40 Occupation movie Occupation 2009 as Aliya Nabil
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