Iren Azer

as passazhirka taksi, zhena Volodi in the movie Gorozhane

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Real name is Irina Abdurrezaevna Azer
Was born at 18 September 1949 (now is 69 years old) in Baku, USSR
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There is the list of movies, where Iren Azer was taked part:
1 Gorozhane movie Gorozhane 1976 as passazhirka taksi, zhena Volodi
2 Ne zhdali, ne gadali movie Ne zhdali, ne gadali 1982 as Marina Nikolaevna, Roman's colleague
3 Akvanavty movie Akvanavty 1979 as Lotta Kerom
4 Chemi megobari dzia Vania movie Chemi megobari dzia Vania 1977 as Lena
5 Iduschie za gorizont movie Iduschie za gorizont 1972 as Lena
6 Imitator movie Imitator 1990 as Hilda Bauer
7 Konets operatsii Rezident movie Konets operatsii Rezident 1986 as Marta
8 Krepost movie Krepost 1979 as Lida
9 Nautilus movie Nautilus 1990 as Semyon Ilyich's wife
10 Ne strelyayte v belykh lebedey movie Ne strelyayte v belykh lebedey 1980 as Ira
11 Qaos movie Qaos 1974 as Antonina
12 Vozvrashchenie rezidenta movie Vozvrashchenie rezidenta 1982 as Marta
13 Bolshaya peremena movie Bolshaya peremena 1972 as Lyuska
14 Osvobozhdenie movie Osvobozhdenie 1969 as Tanechka
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