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as Stella in the movie Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyon Ata Hai

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Was born at 18 September 1950 (now is 68 years old) in New Delhi, India

One of the leading lights of the now-largely-defunct Indian New Wave,Shabana Azmi (alongside the late 'Smita Patil' ) was one of themain female actors who dominated the films of the so-called "ParallelCinema" in India in the 1970s and 1980s. Born to noted Urdu progressivepoet and lyricist 'Kaifi Azmi' and theatre actress'Shaukat Azmi' , Shabana has acted in films by virtually all ofIndia's most famous art-house directors including 'Shyam Benegal' ,'Satyajit Ray' , 'Mrinal Sen (I)' , 'Aparna Sen' andothers, as well as in commercial and middle-of-the-road Hindi films,where she has essayed several strong female characters (e. g. , in The Death Sentence: Mrityu Dand (1997) and Godmother (1999) ).

Shabana Azmi was paired opposite'Rajesh Khanna (I)' in 7 successful films. She is noted for hernaturalness and intensity on-screen, matched by her fierce advocacy ofthe rights of women, minorities and slum-dwellers off-screen, boththrough activism and in her role as a Member of Parliament, where herconsistent stand in defense of liberal values and the freedom ofexpression is noteworthy. She has also acted on stage to considerableacclaim, most notably in Tumhari Amrita with Farookh Sheikh. She ismarried to noted scriptwriter and lyricist 'Javed Akhtar (I)' . .

There is some small facts about Shabana Azmi:
  • Aunt of 'Tabu (I)' and 'Farha'.
  • One of India's most respected actresses, working in commercial and art house films alike.
  • Daughter of 'Kaifi Azmi' and 'Shaukat Azmi' .
  • Had a seven year long relationship with 'Shekhar Kapur' .
  • Considered to be the best Indian actress of her generation together with 'Smita Patil' .
  • She is a huge supporter of 'Benazir Bhutto' .
  • Sister of 'Baba Azmi' .
  • Rajesh Khanna-Shabana Azmi were paired romantically in 7 films and 6 were blockbusters and 1 was an average grosser at box office.
  • Had successful on-screen chemistry with Rajesh Khanna and had 7 super-hit films.
  • Aunt to Bollywood actor Kamran Rizvi.
  • (January 2006) Shabana Azmi is currently in the UK filming the lead role in Banglatown Banquet (2006) (TV) for the BBC written by 'Tanika Gupta' , directed by 'Hettie Macdonald' and produced by 'Sam Hill'. Executive producers are 'Will Trotter (I)' , 'Sally Woodward' and 'Tessa Finch (I)' .
  • Cousin to Cameraman Ishan Arya. Ishan is married to Sulbha Arya (Mother of Sameer Arya. Sameer is married to Goldie Behl's daughter Shristi).
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There is the list of movies, where Shabana Azmi was taked part:
1 Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyon Ata Hai movie Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyon Ata Hai 1980 as Stella
2 Prevention Is Better Than No Cure movie Prevention Is Better Than No Cure 2011 as Doctor
3 15 Park Avenue movie 15 Park Avenue 2005 as Anu
4 A Decent Arrangement movie A Decent Arrangement 2011 as Preeti Mehta
5 Aaj Ka M.L.A. Ram Avtar movie Aaj Ka M.L.A. Ram Avtar 1984 as Sushma
6 Adha Din Adhi Raat movie Adha Din Adhi Raat 1977 as Radha/Babli
7 Adharm movie Adharm 1992 as Mamta Verma
8 Amar Akbar Anthony movie Amar Akbar Anthony 1977 as Laxmi
9 Amar Deep movie Amar Deep 1979 as Radha
10 Amba movie Amba 1990 as Amba Bhanupratap Singh
11 Anjuman movie Anjuman 1986 as Anjuman
12 Ankur movie Ankur 1974 as Laxmi
13 Anokha Bandhan movie Anokha Bandhan 1982 as Annapurna (Anu)
14 Apne Paraye movie Apne Paraye 1980 as Sheila
15 Arth movie Arth 1982 as Pooja
16 Ashanti movie Ashanti 1982 as Kamini
17 Atithee movie Atithee 1978 as Leela M. Kumar/Julie
18 Avtaar movie Avtaar 1983 as Radha Krishen
19 Bada Din movie Bada Din 1998 as Lilian
20 Banglatown Banquet movie Banglatown Banquet 2006 as Sofia
21 Bhavna movie Bhavna 1984 as Bhavna Saxena
22 Bollywood and Beyond: A Century of Indian Cinema movie Bollywood and Beyond: A Century of Indian Cinema 2015 as Herself - Actress
23 Chor Sipahee movie Chor Sipahee 1979 as Priya
24 City of Joy movie City of Joy 1992 as Kamla H. Pal
25 Daughters of This Century movie Daughters of This Century 2001 as Kadambini
26 Devata movie Devata 1978 as Mary
27 Devi Ahilya Bai movie Devi Ahilya Bai 2002 as Khaanda Rani
28 Dharavi movie Dharavi 1992 as Kumud
29 Disha movie Disha 1990 as Hansa P. Sarpat
30 Dus Kahaniyaan movie Dus Kahaniyaan 2007 as Hindu woman (segment "Rice Plate")
31 Earth movie Earth 1998 as Older Lenny
32 Ek Baar Kaho movie Ek Baar Kaho 1980 as Aarti Mathur
33 Ek Din Achanak movie Ek Din Achanak 1989 as Neeta
34 Ek Hi Bhool movie Ek Hi Bhool 1981 as Meenakshi Verma (Guest Appearance)
35 Ek Pal movie Ek Pal 1986 as Priyam
36 Fakira movie Fakira 1976 as Neeta/Geeta
37 Faslah movie Faslah 1974 as Asha Premchand
38 Fire movie Fire 1996 as Radha
39 Gaja Gamini movie Gaja Gamini 2000 as Premchand's Nirmala
40 Genesis movie Genesis 1986 as The woman
There is the list of some articles of Shabana Azmi:
  • "Film Comment" (USA), September 2002, Vol. 38, Iss. 5, pg. 62-65, by: Maithili Rao, "Perfect Pitch: Maithili Rao Pays Tribute To Brilliant Indian Actress And Feminist Icon Shabana Azmi"
  • "Time" (USA), July 19, 1976, "Asia's Frenetic Film Scene"
There is the list of some quotes of Shabana Azmi:
  • I find it very frightening to be called an icon. To be institutionalised.
  • The trick of enjoying life is to accept your age. Don't fight the years, grow with them.
  • To speak in Parliament you really need to do your homework, otherwise you can be torn to shreds.
  • You cannot be detached from what you portray. I think it is inevitable that the roles you play affect you. The residue is bound to remain, even after you've played the role.
  • I'm not averse to doing anything as long as it's not at cross purposes with my values and I can make time for it.
  • I had become a fan of 'Rajesh Khanna (I)' even before I got into films. I was very happy to be cast opposite him in 7 successful films. I never dreamed of getting chance to act opposite such a good looking versatile hero.Khanna had a great understanding of the script and characters and on-screen he had the acumen to know exactly where Khanna the star ended and the character began which explained the brilliance of his turns in each film he did with me, Sharmila, Smita, Hema, Asha Parekhji, Zeenat, Padmini and others.
  • My personal favorite actor is 'Rajesh Khanna (I)' .I have utmost respect for him.He is the real Superstar and is among my favorite co-stars.He had an amazing blend of super-star distancing, moods, eccentricities and attitude with total groundedness, accessibility and warmth. He never got irritated with fan mobbing or hysteria. He was very affectionate with all of them and that worked superbly for him.
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