Dina B.

as Ghost Town Extra in the movie Mandie and the Secret Tunnel

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Real name is Dina Belle Hubbard

Dina B. Reed was born Dina Belle Hubbard in November of 1960. She wasborn and lived most of her life in or near Star Lake NY, a small townin the Adirondack Mountains. She is the youngest of two children bornto Cedric and Marcha Hubbard.

She relocated south to Newton NC in 1998. She married at 18 and divorced at 32. She has one daughter, Rhonda JoReed, who resides in Somerset Kentucky. .

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There is the list of movies, where Dina B. was taked part:
1 Mandie and the Secret Tunnel movie Mandie and the Secret Tunnel 2009 as Ghost Town Extra
2 The Kill Switch movie The Kill Switch 2014 as School board meeting attendee
3 The World Made Straight movie The World Made Straight 2015 as Grocery Store Patron
4 A Few Brains More movie A Few Brains More 2012 as Dina Bee
5 Fix It in Post movie Fix It in Post 2014 as Mama
6 Heist H2O movie Heist H2O 2011 as Donna Hastert
7 Is That What You Wish? movie Is That What You Wish? 2012 as Old Krystin
8 Lovestruck Pancho movie Lovestruck Pancho 2011 as Party Guest
9 Monsters Vs. Cops movie Monsters Vs. Cops 2010 as Zombie
10 Mountain Top movie Mountain Top 2014 as Cafe Patron and Shopper
11 No Brainer movie No Brainer 2013 as Zombie Car Detailer
12 One Last Sunset movie One Last Sunset 2010 as Zombie
13 One Last Sunset Redux movie One Last Sunset Redux 2015 as Zombie
14 Park Bench movie Park Bench 2012 as Woman Walking in Park
15 Pendulum Swings movie Pendulum Swings 2011 as Wedding Guest
16 Proverbs movie Proverbs 2016 as Photographer Outside Courthouse
17 Pulled to Hell movie Pulled to Hell 2015 as Victim
18 The 5th Quarter movie The 5th Quarter 2010 as Wake Forest Fan/Alumni Dinner Guest
19 The Strange and Unusual movie The Strange and Unusual 2014 as Mona
20 Wesley movie Wesley 2009 as Extra
21 What Had Happened Was movie What Had Happened Was 2015 as Ginger Snap
22 The Dark One movie The Dark One 2012 as Marsha Hubbard
23 The Way Way Down movie The Way Way Down 2015 as Grandma J
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