Lída Baarová

as Leontýna Sobotová in the movie Artur a Leontýna

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Real name is Ludmila Babková
Was born at 14 September 1914 in Prague, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary [now in Czech Republic] . Died at 28 October 2000, Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria (after a long illness)
There is some small facts about Lída Baarová:
  • She had an long term affair with 'Joseph Goebbels' . She was persecuted by the communist regime because of "collaboration". According to he autobiography she later in her life regretted being mixed up in "the history". But at that time she was very young and "foolish" and couldn't help seeing Goebbels.
  • Sister of Czech film star 'Zorka Janu' .
  • Refused a contract offer from MGM in 1937 and later regretted this decision.
  • Daughter of 'Ludmila Babková' .
  • Was reputed to be a chain smoker.
  • The daughter of a civil servant, Baarova trained for acting at the State Conservatory in Prague. She appeared on stage and acted in several Czech films before being signed by Ufa, where she was groomed as a star. Her first major role was in Barcarole (1935) . She was romantically linked to the Third Reich's propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels. This liaison, for a while, did her career no harm. According to popular legend, Baarova's then-husband, the actor Gustav Gruendgens, slapped Goebbels in the face after catching the two 'in flagranti'. Hitler, in order to salvage the marriage between Magda and Joseph Goebbels and to circumvent a scandal, effectively ordered Goeebels to give up his mistress. In 1938, Baarova was forbidden to make any further films in Germany. She returned forthwith to Prague. From 1942, she made several films in Mussolini's Italy. After the war, Baarova was accused as a collaborator and incarcerated for a year and a half in Pankrac prison. She was released a few days prior to Christmas 1946.
  • After her release from prison, Baarova married a theatrical agent, Jan Kopecky, who was related to the Czech Minister of the Interior. The pair made an abortive escape attempt across the border in 1948, but eventually did end up together in Argentina. After divorcing Kopecky in 1956, Baarova retired to Salzburg in Austria. Four years later, she began her theatrical comeback at the Theater an der Berliner Allee in Duesseldorf in a play by Claude Magnier..
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There is the list of movies, where Lída Baarová was taked part:
1 Artur a Leontýna movie Artur a Leontýna 1940 as Leontýna Sobotová
2 Die Fledermaus movie Die Fledermaus 1937 as Maria Weigel/Rosalinde
3 Il cielo brucia movie Il cielo brucia 1958 as Little girl's mother
4 La fornarina movie La fornarina 1944 as Margherita, la Fornarina
5 La vendetta di una pazza movie La vendetta di una pazza 1951 as Paola Micheli
6 Okénko movie Okénko 1933 as Ruzena - Dynybylova's daughter
7 Patrioten movie Patrioten 1937 as Thérèse - genannt Jou-Jou
8 Preußische Liebesgeschichte movie Preußische Liebesgeschichte 1938 as Prinzessin Elisa Radziwill
9 Rapsodia de sangre movie Rapsodia de sangre 1958 as Anna Vladimira Solov
10 Senkýrka u divoké krásy movie Senkýrka u divoké krásy 1932 as Eva Konrádová - daughter
11 Sladke horkosti Lidy Baarove movie Sladke horkosti Lidy Baarove 1995 as Herself
12 Svadlenka movie Svadlenka 1936 as Líza Bártová - seamstress
13 Zapadlí vlastenci movie Zapadlí vlastenci 1932 as Albínka, daughter
14 Barcarole movie Barcarole 1935 as Giacinta Zubarab
15 Der Spieler movie Der Spieler 1938 as Nina - seine Tochter
16 Die Kronzeugin movie Die Kronzeugin 1937 as (unfinished)
17 Die Stunde der Versuchung movie Die Stunde der Versuchung 1936 as Irene - seine Frau
18 Dokud mas maminku movie Dokud mas maminku 1934 as Jana Machova
19 Dívka v modrém movie Dívka v modrém 1940 as Komtesa Blanka z Blankenburgu
20 Einer zuviel an Bord movie Einer zuviel an Bord 1935 as Gerda Hegert
21 Funebrák movie Funebrák 1933 as Miss Rozmarová
22 Gli amanti di Ravello movie Gli amanti di Ravello 1951 as Ida
23 Gli innocenti pagano movie Gli innocenti pagano 1952 as Adriana Sereni
24 Grandhotel Nevada movie Grandhotel Nevada 1935 as Lucy Whiteman
25 I vitelloni movie I vitelloni 1953 as Giulia Curti
26 Il cappello da prete movie Il cappello da prete 1944 as Marinella
27 Její lékar movie Její lékar 1938 as Vlasta, daughter
28 Joseph Goebbels gesehen von dem UFA-Star Lida Baarova movie Joseph Goebbels gesehen von dem UFA-Star Lida Baarova 1991 as Herself
29 Jsem devce s certem v tele movie Jsem devce s certem v tele 1933 as Irena
30 Kariéra Pavla Camrdy movie Kariéra Pavla Camrdy 1931 as Viktorka
31 Komediantská princezna movie Komediantská princezna 1936 as Eva Kratochvílová
32 Lippocampo movie Lippocampo 1945 as Elena Sergati
33 La bisarca movie La bisarca 1950 as Greta
34 La sua strada movie La sua strada 1946 as La staniera
35 Lelícek ve sluzbách Sherlocka Holmese movie Lelícek ve sluzbách Sherlocka Holmese 1932 as Královna a její dvojnice
36 Leutnant Bobby, der Teufelskerl movie Leutnant Bobby, der Teufelskerl 1935 as Lady Milton, eine junge Witwe
37 Lida Baarova movie Lida Baarova 2001 as Lída Baarová
38 Lidé na kre movie Lidé na kre 1937 as MUDr. Pavla Junková
39 Madla z cihelny movie Madla z cihelny 1932 as Madla
40 Malostransti musketýri movie Malostransti musketýri 1932 as Dr. Olga Wernerová
There is the list of some articles of Lída Baarová:
  • "The Economist" (UK), 11 November 2000, Vol. 357, Iss. 8196, pg. 143, "Lida Baarova"
The image of Ludmila Babková was on the covers of these magazines:
  • "Czech Kinoprogramm-In stillen Nächten" (Praha-Czech), 1941
  • "Wiener Kinopost" (Austria), 1 February 1935, Vol. Jahrgang 1934/35, Iss. No. 18
  • "Das Illustrierte Blatt" (Germany), 21.May. l938, Vol. 26, Iss. 21
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