Suzette Babb

as Penny - Dead Body in the movie The Mansion Directive

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Real name is Suzette Franc' Babb
There is some small facts about Suzette Babb:
  • Is of Irish, English, German, and Swedish descent.
  • Middle name is spelled Franc', but pronounced Frank. Frank is her fathers name and Francis is her Grandfathers name.
  • Has a tattoo on her inner right wrist that reads 'Carpe Diem'.
Also look some video clip about Suzette Babb:
There is the list of movies, where Suzette Babb was taked part:
1 The Mansion Directive movie The Mansion Directive 2010 as Penny - Dead Body
2 Hunting Buddies movie Hunting Buddies 2009 as Diner Waitress
3 Rock Syndicate movie Rock Syndicate 2009 as Kelly
4 The Babb Report movie The Babb Report 2009 as Host
5 Perfect Couples movie Perfect Couples 2010 as Rex and Julia's Mom
6 The Defenders movie The Defenders 2010 as Secretary
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