Iva (II) Babic

as Sonja in the movie Nedjeljom ujutro, subotom navecer

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Recently cast in Alan Ball's pilot 'Virtuoso' for HBO, which wrappedprincipal photography in April 2015, Iva Babic was first noticed bydirector Branko Schmidt, who entrusted her with a pair of minor rolesin his films Metastases (2009) and Vegetarian Cannibal (2010). Her real breakthrough however came with the TV series 'Sunday Mornings,Saturday Nights' (2012) a film by Predrag Licina where she played therole of the lesbian Sonja, and for which she has been widely praised. Her burgeoning acting skills were put to a considerable test in asecond series, the Croatian version of the renowned Israeli TV series'Therapy', known to US audiences as 'In Treatment' (2013). This time,playing Nina in the Croatian version (Laura in the Showtime series) hercharacter falls in love with her psychotherapist.

Because each episodeis in effect a single scene, and is loaded with monologues andconversation between just two people, the actors are faced with aparticularly challenging task, at which Iva excelled. Her first major role in a theatrical film came last year in the suspensedrama 'One Shot', where she played one of the two leads, a girl whokills an innocent passer-by in an irresponsible shooting accident. Inthe aftermath, she starts to bond with the female police inspectorworking on her case. This was another eye-catching role for the giftedIva, who is often compared with Uma Thurman because of her good looksand considerable range. Her most recent feature film is directorAntonio Nuic's 'Life Is a Trumpet' (2015).


There is some small facts about Iva (II) Babic:
  • Graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb.
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There is the list of movies, where Iva (II) Babic was taked part:
1 Nedjeljom ujutro, subotom navecer movie Nedjeljom ujutro, subotom navecer 2012 as Sonja
2 Bicemo prvaci sveta movie Bicemo prvaci sveta 2015 as Maja Bedekovic
3 Hitac movie Hitac 2013 as Petra
4 Ja sam svoj zivot poslozila movie Ja sam svoj zivot poslozila 2012 as Danica
5 Kurvo movie Kurvo 2011 as Lana
6 Ljudozder vegetarijanac movie Ljudozder vegetarijanac 2012 as Pacijentica Japetic
7 Metastaze movie Metastaze 2009 as Prodavacica
8 Zivot je truba movie Zivot je truba 2015 as Jana
9 Bitange i princeze movie Bitange i princeze 2005 as Manekenka
10 Na terapiji movie Na terapiji 2013 as Nina
11 Prvaci sveta movie Prvaci sveta 2016 as Maja Bedekovic
12 Stipe u gostima movie Stipe u gostima 2008 as Silvana
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